Monday, January 25, 2021

Michigan Monday: Brady Matches His Michigan Jersey Number in Super Bowls

Tom Brady continued his GOAT status last night by bringing a team who hadn't been to the playoffs in 13 years to the Super Bowl and the first ever in their home stadium.  He didn't play well in the 2nd half but with a strong defense, the Tampa Bay Bucs are in the Super Bowl.   I'm sure Tom will enjoy his 10th Super Bowl from Jeter's house! 

Congrats GOAT! 

The Michigan Football team news on Saturday night was coming in very fast.   

  • OL Coach Ed Warinner contract was not renewed.
  • Sherrone Moore was named OL coach and Co-OC
  • Michigan is hiring newly crowned State Championship head coach Ron Bellamy from West Bloomfield High School.   Ron of course is a former Michigan WR. 
  • Michigan is shutting down all of its athletics department due to positives of the UK strain of COVID. 

Ed - This news surprised me as Ed is considered one of the best OL coaches in the country.  I remember the feedback from OSU fans when he took the Michigan job.  Great OL coach, but less then average recruiter.   That turned out to be 100% true.   Jimmy must have felt that Michigan needed to get younger coaches and even though Ed had done a very good job at developing offensive lineman, he needed a guy who could both develop and recruit.   There is a chance Ed could stay on staff as an analyst.  His son of course is still on the team and a special teams player. 

Moore- Oklahoma really wanted Sherrone and Jimmy must of told him he could coach the offensive line and get the Co-OC title if he stayed.    Sherrone played offensive guard at Oklahoma and should be a nice fit and hopefully can develop like Ed, we know he can already recruit.  

Ron - Michigan needed better recruiting instate and Ron should be able to bring his relationship and great coaching to Ann Arbor.   I have been wanting this hire for awhile!  Love bring back Ron and Mike Hart. 

2 Week Shutdown - I hate this after Michigan got a Top 25 road win against Purdue.   I know there probably wasn't an option, but it seems if Michigan knew this was a possibility they could have kept Juwan's squad away from Ann Arbor and sent them directly to Penn State for Wednesday's re-scheduled game after their time in Purdue. 

In other news:

  • Greg Mattison is retiring after 2 years as not the DC at Ohio State.  I feel very torn on this, I really enjoyed Greg's time in Ann Arbor but he left twice for gigs at ND and Ohio State.   

  • 5 star CA CB Domani Jackson who grew up a Michigan fan, committed to USC.  Would be nice if Michigan could get their coaching shit together to recruit the kids that love the Maize and Blue.  Its a long way from 2022 signing day but it sounds Jackson wants to stay close to home.  

  • Chad Henne vs. Tom Brady in the Super Bowl?    The combined Michigan QB's have 7 rings in that game.  

  • Donovan Edwards dominated the State Championship game with 14 carries 257 yards and 3 TD's.   He has to be the only player to be enrolled at Michigan and still playing HS football.  He also has his HS coach now on staff.  

  • There seems to be some hope that Xavier Worthy could still enroll early.    Which would be great news.  My guess is Spring Ball could be pushed back anyways.


Voice of Reason said...

"If" we didn't know before, we know it now that it's all about recruiting. Wariner and Zordich seemed to be able to coach and develop with the best of them but if you let up on your recruiting then schools will show you the door. Where are all of the Michigan alumni bag men when you need them? They should consider coaching in the pro ranks.

Maybe Jim can bring Tom Terrific to A2 to coach the QB's when he retires (in ten years)?

Regarding Greg Mattison, he always spoke well about other players and other teams when he was here, but as soon as he went to osu he was talking trash about "that school up north (us)." I believe that osu never cared about GM but they wanted to find out more about the Michigan program for their incoming coach Day (IMO) and now they don't want or need him. Good riddance to him, Michigan has addition by subtraction. IMHO!!!

Anonymous said...

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