Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Everybody Has a Hill To Climb

Ohio State felt a little like a Michigan fan last night.  The Buckeyes were out manned at every position and the game wasn't close.   It didn't matter what defense OSU played or exotic play calling Ryan Day could provide.   It was a miss-match and it was clear from the start.   So much so, a week earlier it was clear ND was playing "to cover" and not to win. 

So what's Alabama's magic sauce?  To me its 3 things:  Recruiting, Developing, and coaching the little things.  They are a football factory and nothing gets in the way.  Not agents, not an uncle that wants his money, not academics, or even a pandemic.  Saban keeps his players in a bubble and it works for them, doesn't matter if there is a pandemic or not. 

If you don't know the story of Najee Harris and Michigan its a good one.  Najee was a long time Alabama commit but really respected Harbaugh as he was growing up in the Northern California.   Jimmy was recruiting him hard and even showing up at his playoff games.   The momentum was starting to shift and insiders were starting to think he might flip.   Najee didn't like the recruiting process and wasn't saying anything to anybody. 

Then the All American Game happened in San Antonio and the worst thing that could happen for the Wolverines was that Tua was his roommate at the event.   After the game, Najee had two choices: fly to Detroit-Metro or fly to Birmingham with Tua.   Harris had filled out all the paper work to enroll early at Michigan, had a dorm room, and even had a rental car reservation waiting for him at the airport.   He flew to Birmingham, which wasn't confirmed until he landed.   You know the rest of the story.  

To remind you: In 2020 Michigan was beating Alabama 16 - 14 at half-time, with a team that even had more game breakers.   Time to close 2020 forever.   

Its also fair to ask, what is Alabama's hill?  Complacency and Saban (at some point) electing to retire. 

  • Big game for the new #5 team in the country tonight when Michigan takes on #9 Wisconsin at 7:00 on ESPN.  
  • Brad Hawkins will come back for his 5th year and take advantage of the COVID eligibility rule.
  • Austin Davis is getting healthy and could play tonight. 
  • Xavier Simpson was a high draft pick in the G-League draft, who will be playing in a bubble at Disney.  


Goblu said...

That was a painful game to watch, even though I enjoyed the Ohio beat down.

Can I ask all of this fine blog’s members to offer condolences to BucknutMan, our favorite troll. He must be devastated that his team was trounced.

Goose said...

Hes in Dubai for work no internet or tv there or so he claims.

Chowman said...

It all about a business decision. You go to Bama, you are playing every year for the CFP, you're getting prime time TV exposure. Some of you have to stop fooling yourselves, these high profile recruits, its not about education, its about which program gives them the best opportunity to get to the league. Bama or Michigan? Bama by a LANDSLIDE. A lot like Calipari and Kentucky BB, I don't think Bama has to pay these kids or their handlers anymore. They know the payday is coming once they start playing on Sundays. Does Bama have lower entrance requirments? Sure, but don't get it twisted, UoM isn't Stanford or Northwestern either. The reason UoM isn't near the level of Bama or Clemson or OSU is those programs KNOW its a business, and treat it as such. Until UoM, the alums, and the fanbase realize that and make that leap, UoM will just be a cute regional program that has a national brand image. Nothing more!

That all said: "Roll Tide!"

Goblu said...


Goose said...

Is it starting to seem like Michigan is a place where coaching careers go to die?

szanreno said...

“Ohio Came To Bury Alabama, All Wrapped In Scarlett And Gray.
The Words Were Said, The Prayers Were Read And Everybody Cried
But When They Closed The Coffin, There Was Someone Else Inside!
The Bucks Came To Bury Alabama – But Alabama Wasn’t Dead,
And When The Game Was Over, It Was Someone Else Instead.

Twenty-Two Alabama Crimson Tide Put On The Gloves Of Gray,
And As Cavender Played “Roll Tide”, They Laid Ryan Day Away!”