Monday, February 8, 2021

Michigan Monday: Father Time Defeated

There is a famous saying that "father time is undefeated", last night father time took a loss.   Captain America, The GOAT, call him anything you like, but he again proved why he is the best football player to ever play this game.   He now has more Super Bowl wins then any franchise.  

With all those deserved accolades, the MVP of the game should've been the Tampa Defense.   They doubled Hill and exposed the back-up tackles with Barrett and JPP.  It was a masterful defensive game plan by Todd Bowles. 

I hate to compare everything to Michigan Football, but what we saw by Tampa's defense last night has been completely missing from Ann Arbor since Don Brown arrived.   Don was one dimensional and always blitzed the LB's or even a corner.   If you can't get pressure from your DL, your at risk as a defense because there are too many defenders in the backfield and not flooding a zone.  

I also loved how White and David played at the LB position last night.  Devin Bush and Devin White to my eyes are similar players.  

Another great game, lead by the greatest Michigan and NFL QB of all time.  Congrats Tom! 

  • I know we are trying to protect the health of the Michigan athletics department, but its time to FREE MICHGIAN BASKETBALL!
  • You want to know if a coach can recruit or not? How about a guy gets a job at Michigan and with-in two weeks gets 2 commitments from guys in the 2022 class that wasn't even on Michigan's radar.   Coach Mo got verbal commitments from two TN 4 stars who are expected to play in the defensive backfield Kody Jones and Taylor Groves. (more to come on these guys later in the week) 
  • Congrats to Charles Woodson on his entry to the NFL Hall of Fame!
  • Ed Warinner is heading to FAU to coach in the Harbaugh head coaching tree.
  • RIP to ESPN baseball reporter Pedro Gomez who died unexpectedly at his home last night at 58.
  • Ben McDaniel is heading to the Texans as a QB coach.  Will be interesting to see who he gets to coach.  


Detroit Fats said...

Bob, my wish for you is to learn the difference between "then" and "than"

Unknown said...

Can you shut the hell up about this bullshit free Michigan basketball! Its dumbass writers like you that post garbage like "free Michigan basketball" in hopes of stirring shit up. Cut the political bullshit out and just report and write about sports you damn moron!!! I use to love this site...I'm done!!!