Friday, March 5, 2021

Michigan Friday: Big Ten Champions

Sometimes we look too far ahead or forget what's important.  In football it has become a National Championship and getting into the playoffs.   In Basketball, it's March Madness with your leagues tournament and of course the NCAA Tournament.  

At Michigan, the goal has always been Big Ten Championships in every sport.  Winning a weekend tournament is fun and making a long run to the Final 4 is great, but nobody can take away what happened last night when Michigan Basketball became Big Ten Champions.  No matter what happens for them in the NBA or even in the following tournaments, they will always be remembered as Champions and that is something very special.  

I'm very excited about what they accomplished this year - mostly in a Pandemic. With that said, there are a couple concerning things going on. 

Something happened to Michigan and Ohio State after they played a classic almost 2 weeks ago.  I can argue that Michigan hasn't played a complete game since and Ohio State hasn't won since.    Michigan again last night looked disjointed at times on both sides of the floor.  They won the game because they are much better then the Spartans.  If Juwan kept the starters in, the Wolverines would have won by 40 because in the 2nd half Sparty couldn't throw the ball in the ocean from the beach.  

Michigan struggled on defense guarding the dribble drive and it seemed all of MSU's scoring in the first half were lay ups.  On the other side of the court, they are forcing everything into the low post and double teaming Hunter into turnovers.   Michigan will need to work hard in the next week to create more offense with motion and passing as everyone knows right now the current scheme goes through Hunter.  Livers, Smith, Brooks, and Wagner are good shooters and need more looks from 3 to keep the double teams off Hunter.  There is too much standing and watching on offense.  Michigan also could use more Chaundee Brown's energy on the court. 

I know, I'm just pointing out the negatives, after Michigan held Sparty to 9/30 shooting in the 2nd half.  I just want to see the team that was executing at a high level before and after the COVID shutdown.   Beat Sparty again on Sunday and prepare for the Big Ten Tournament and the pressure that comes with being a 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.  

Congratulations to Michigan Basketball, 20-21 Big Ten Champions!

  • Coach B was in the stands last night for Senior Night! Class act from a first class head coach. 
  • Les Miles is in some hot water for the hiring and inappropriate interactions with female student "hosts" at LSU a recent investigation reported.   I think we are getting some insights and examples on why Les never got the Michigan job.  

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Rudy said...

I thought in the SEC it was a prerequisite that coaches were supposed to screw the coeds? This happened in 2013 and they buried it until now, says yet more about how the whole SEC works. Go Blue...we are a basketball school now!