Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Was Not Having Les = More?

Les Miles has had an interesting relationship with Michigan and coaching football.  He played for Bo, won a National Title at LSU, and probably will never coach again after a report came out about his 2013 relationships with female students he hired.  

Many believe Michigan Football would have not fallen off a cliff after LC retired if Les was hired instead of Rich Rod.  That maybe true, but there was reasons Michigan didn't want Les on campus and we are now starting to find out why.   Yes, there is a recruiting story about a kid flipping from Michigan to LSU because a booster bought him a house on signing day and LC never forgetting that.   I don't know Les personally, but I don't believe anyone was surprised at the allegations from that LSU report.  

Let's us also not put our head into the sand that many schools don't have female students host recruits on campus.   Which is really an out dated and sexist practice.   It's about as common as the Happy Meal Bags full of cash that Tennessee was passing out.  There is a new story out about Georgia giving up to a $150K per recruit and Nick Chubb getting $180K to stay for his final year.

College football is a dirty business with dirty people.   Maybe Michigan dodged a bullet here with Les.  

  • Do you think the NCAA tournament would put App. State against Michigan in round 1?  A little piece of me dies every time I see that blocked field goal replay. 
  • Naz Hillmon wins the Women's Big Ten Basketball Player of the Year 
  • Juwan Howard has won the Sporting News College Basketball Coach of the Year
  • Waiting on a Eli injury update 
  • Michigan is now #4 in the polls
  • Michigan will be playing at 11:30 on Friday against Maryland or MSU


Rudy said...

I don't think someone does such a creepy thing as a one-time deal, I think they act in a pattern. Having said that, it makes me wonder what Les did at UM when he was coaching there.....and younger. Was he a creeper then too and it was buried? Possibly. Kansas is a joke, can't tell me they didn't know about this...c'mon man! They rolled the dice because the story had already been buried. Now they have to act like they are shocked and appalled.

szanreno said...

Of course he would be a good fit for Ohio State.