Thursday, April 1, 2021

Michigan Thursday: The Mike Smith Decision

With the COVID free year of eligibility, many coaches and players have tough decisions to make about their future.  Mike Smith came to Michigan this past season and played an important role in the team's success.   It was interesting to see how he adapted his game twice during the season.  

First, he joined a team as just a playmaker, who was struggling on defense.   His defense got better during the year and his decision making with the ball was still strong.  Then Livers went out late in the year and there was a clear direction to open up his offense.   We saw the good and bad of that strategy.   At times we saw him go for 18 points and be the difference in the game, others we saw Mike miss too many shots and even miss two game winners.  

So we have seen the good and bad of Mike's game.  The overall experience has been a positive one and he has been a great addition to this team.  Now comes another decision by both Mike and Juwan.   Does he come back for another year?

Mike is probably not an NBA prospect but could look for opportunities overseas.  He is also a smart guy with an Ivy League degree and might want to chase a career in the corporate sector.   He also could spend another year at Michigan, playing basketball, while earning a free graduate degree.   Early on it was reported that Mike was leaning to come back, the last few weeks that news has flipped a bit and it now seems he is leaning on leaving.   

Brown has the same decision to make, he did walk on senior night but could also stay and be a huge contributor on next years team.  There seems to be a lot of decisions to make on what next years team looks like.  

Expected to be gone:  Livers, Wagner, and Davis.   Dickinson might look to the NBA for information but with the way the NBA uses big man, I expect him to be back.  I would like to see Brooks come back and play another year in college.   

Lots of decisions to make.