Friday, April 2, 2021

Michigan Friday: Lots of News and Rumors

Plenty of news and the rumor mill continues to spin on who might be back and who won't for the Wolverines Basketball team.  Lets get right to it.  

  • Rumor Eli leaning at coming back:  As I mentioned yesterday, in my humble opinion this is the best move for Eli.  He is a smart basketball player, can run the point while Zeb and Frankie learn the role.  
  • Rumor Chaundee leaning at coming back: I also think this is the right choice.  I believe when Brown came to Michigan he was thinking 2 years and not 1.  
  • Michigan has picked up another offensive analyst in Kyle DeVan.  Kyle played at Oregon State and was an NFL Offensive lineman.   Anytime Michigan can get more coaches on the O-Line, that is a good thing! 
  • Juwan Howard was named by the AP as the National Coach of the Year!  Well deserved honor! 
  • Illinois Freshman starter Adam Miller, who was seriously thinking of flipping to Michigan before committing to Illinois, is now in the transfer portal.  He averaged over 8 points and game and scored 10 in both of Illinois NCAA Tournament games.   I don't know if there will be interest or not from Juwan, with 6 freshman coming in and maybe a few seniors staying, there is not going to be enough room at the Inn. 
  • UNC's Roy Williams has retired.  It will be interesting to see who backfills one of the highest profile jobs in the sport. 
  • Chris Beard at TT is taking the Texas job.  That was really the only option. 
  • Iowa's Luke Garza as expected wins the AP Player of the Year award. 


Chowman said...

So dumb question: is the NCAA waiving the scholarship limit? I mean, how are there going to be enough spots for all the freshmen coming in and guys like Brooks and Brown coming back. Don't get me wrong, love that B&B are coming back. Brooks is the glue that held that team together. Not surprising 2 of the games he missed, they lost. And Brown is just "da man". He's a beast, a man among boys. He's build like a brick S_house!

Dvzk said...

None of the guys on your team in 2020 count towards 2021. Only new additions count for 2021, all returns to normal in 2022 presumably if the (pandemic) has ended!
I'm not sure how it all works or if there's a limit of scholarships in 2021.i just no that all the guys who chose to stay can and the incoming class is also eligible to play regardless of the number of holdovers!