Thursday, May 27, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Hunter to the NBA Draft

When I was early in my sales career, I had a sales manager tell me, "I was a very good farmer, not a great hunter".   He was right, I felt cold calling was a bit obtuse.    So when I hear Hunter Dickinson is heading to the NBA but will keep his eligibility open,  I have two thoughts:  

#1:  Good for him, he should get all the information available on his draft status and where he might land.  He can also get great feedback on what he needs to work at, to become a lottery pick.  

#2: He basically has that information already in his head coach and his phone full of NBA scouts, players, coaches, and owners including MJ.  

I lean a bit harder towards #2.  Hunter had a very good year and a really good year for a freshman.   The NBA is no longer a Big Man's league and its now about position-less basketball.  The Brooklyn Nets are using Blake Griffin as its center right now. 

I also worry about kids jumping to the NBA to early.  Iggy clearly made a mistake and is doing his best to hang on to any NBA roster.  Jordan Poole's first year in the NBA was a disaster but he made huge leaps and bounds this season.   So if you leave early, you better expect some time in the G-League.   The average salary in the G-League is $35,000 a year.  

I'm not sure there is clearly a right decision here and Hunter picked the one where he might leave for the NBA.   Can't blame a kid for chasing his NBA Dream, but it seems he would have all the information he needs right in Ann Arbor.  

  • Jimmy and staff are hitting the road again this summer doing Satellite Camps.  Can't wait to hear him make national news by running routes in his gym shorts and throwing bombs to 17 year old kids.  

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