Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Trying to Gage Gaige's Scholarship

Remember Gaige Garcia and the entire conversation if he was a walk-on to the football team and using a wrestling scholarship or a running back using a football scholarship?  It was one of those Michigan fan internet battles that really didn't matter but is fun to debate when there isn't any real football news. 

Update to that story, Gaige who never played on the football team is now transferring and in the portal.   I don't know if Gage is the next Bo Jackson or Hulk Hogan but sometimes you just need to take the full ride scholarship to one of the best Universities in the world.  To each its own.  

  • Washington @ Michigan will be a Night Game at the Big House on ABC.  I support this decision! Is this the Giles Jackson Bowl?
  • Michigan Basketball has a trainer job opening 
  • The Carolina Panthers have signed Delano Hill
  • Caris LeVert has had a tough season, he gets traded, has cancer identified during his trade physical, has surgery, and now prior to his team's play-in game is put into the COVID protocol.  Indiana won the game. 

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