Monday, June 28, 2021

Michigan Monday: Is July Going To Be a Hot Month For Michigan Recruiting?

 Michigan has had a decent 2022 recruiting success so far.  They are ranked #11 on 24/7 Team rankings with the headliner in the class being 5 star CB Will Johnson.   Will and his father Deon (former Wolverine) believe July is going to be a big commitment month for the Wolverines.   The coaches have hosted a number of prospects in June and are hoping to get the July commitments from some of the best players in the country.  Let's hope they are correct!  

In the meantime, the end of July seems to be going pretty well.....................

New commitments this weekend:

Alessandro Lorenzo is a 6'6 285 pound offensive lineman from CT, but is originally from Montreal.   He is a 3 star prospect and project to OT in college.  He seems to be a strong student with an offer list of Columbia, Duke, Baylor, Georgia, GA Tech, Vandy, VA Tech, PSU and MSU.  He also might be a bit under rated due to COVID and coming from Canada.   Welcome Big Man!  

Kevonte Henry is a 6'4, 225 pound LB from California.   He is also a 3 star prospect with offers from Arizona, ASU, USC, Oregon, Utah, WSU, and others.  In high school, Kevonte plays RB and also is on the track team.  The word is, the Michigan coaches like him as DE in Ann Arbor.  So the plan is to get him into the weight room, add some weight and become a pass rusher.  

If your first reaction is, "3 stars are not going to beat Ohio State".   Let's not forgot many guys had their football season cancelled last season.  Which also means this might be the most under ranked class ever.  Michigan and these new coaches also need to be seen as developers of talent, with the best example being the former 3 star RB coach that is now on staff.  Michigan also has a new recruiting director and almost a completely new staff, which means they don't have years of recruiting these kids.  It takes time to create those relationships.  

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