Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mike DeBord still makes me laugh

  • This is a regular off season article on the Seahawks coaching staff getting familiar with the players and each other. Lots of fluff with one very funny statement:
    Solari's assistant line coach, Mike DeBord, is also a former offensive coordinator. He spent the past three seasons in that capacity at the University of Michigan, but joined the Seahawks because he wants to work in the NFL.
    Because he wanted to work in the NFL? Are you freaking kidding me, it's because he didn't get retained by the new coaching staff, or a better way of putting it - got fired. He is working in the NFL because I'm sure someone owed Lloyd Carr a favor and he needed a job. He took the best Tackle Michigan has ever had, a 2nd round NFL QB, a drafted running back, and two drafted WR's and turned them into the "most predicable show on earth". That is why he is in the NFL!
  • Some of you might remember radio personality for Detroit's WJR Chuck Swirsky. Chuck did play-by-play for both Michigan basketball and football in the mid 90's. I'm sure you all have been staying up late wondering where he went and what he is doing now. Well, Chuck got deported (not really) to Canada to be the Raptors play by play guy. He has now taken a new job to be the play by play guy for the Chicago Bulls. If you remember, Chuck had a famous take that was caught on tape "on how much he loved Chicago and wished the Big Ten Championship game would be hosted there every year". Detroit and Chicago was a pretty heated NBA rivalry back in those days and Chuck quickly got sent to Toronto. Chuck your back where you belong.


Tim said...

Debord is actually a very respected line coach.

Also, while he certainly wasn't helping matters too much, Debord probably wasn't as much to blame for Michigan's vanilla scheme as was Coach Carr.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, DeBord Bashing strays from reason sometimes. We saw the game he was capable of calling (January 1, 2008) when Carr gives him the green light and all his offensive pieces are healthy.

I think the biggest culprit for offensive impotence/blandness the last few years has been Andy Moeller and O-line recruiting. You can't open up the playbook when you can't protect the QB.

Bob said...

I think all the coaches "mailed it in last year". I don't give any of them a pass. I agree with you that Carr most likely held DeBord down, but I don't underdtand it. Wasn't Debord calling the plays? I just don't understand them playing wide open against Florida but so tight against other Big Ten teams. What is the point of that? Michigan for to long played "not to lose" instead of playing "to win". I hope that is long gone.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you know NOTHING about DeBord...or whether or not he wanted to move to the NFL or was forced...or if he got a job because of Lloyd. It is so funny to read articles like this from people who THINK they know what happened or why someone does what they do. I can't, nor would I go into detail, but I am someone who knows the "inside" story...and you have it so totally wrong. But, you just keep bashing DeBord!!

Anonymous said...

I personally don't care how he got the job, what I do know is that he didn't preform last year and that is why he is in some low level NFL job right now. If he was well respected he would be the OC at another high profile program in college. Norm Chow comes to mind as an example.

Anonymous said...

How do you know DeBord wasn't offered another "high profile" college job, but decided to go to the NFL instead? You do realize the NFL is a pretty good career move, don't you? You also realize that Seattle will have a new head coach next year and perhaps DeBord won't be an assistant offensive line coach forever...laugh he makes alot more $$ than you bashers do!