Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michigan Tuesday: Dee Hart Update and More

Dee Hart has been in the news lately, mostly freaking out Michigan fans after his trip to Auburn this weekend.  I have two updates from recruiting insiders: Sam Webb from WTKA/GBW and TomVH from Mgoblog. 

Here is Tom's: 
  • Talked to Dee's mom
  • Uncle went on the trip and his uncle rated it 7 out 10
  • Dee is still planning on taking two more visits this month Alabama and Arkansas
  • Not really interested in Arkansas but supporting his teammates on the trip
  • Needs to make a decision soon and the process is starting to wear on Dee
  • Talked to Dee
  • Believes that Michigan still leads
  • Maybe a decision soon but probably going to take a couple more visits
  • Sam's opinion is that Auburn's is aggressively recruiting many of Dee's teammates, which could have an affect on his recruitment. 
  • Dee still may come back for the MSU or the Iowa game as an unofficial visit (took his official for UConn)
So let's all take a deep breath on Dee for now and hope that he makes a decision for Michigan.  The longer this plays out the more time others schools can state their case. 

  • Craig Roh:  It won't be tough to get up for BGSU. "From our performance this Saturday, this team is definitely going to get up for this game."  Craig doesn't listen to music before games to get pumped up - reads a bit of the Bible.

  • The Michigan at IU game will be on ESPNU at 3:30 EST.

  • Anthony LaLota "hints" the skem change at Michigan is the reason he left:  Rutgers "plays a different scheme, more of a traditional 4-3. I think it's a great style, very aggressive. I can come off the edge a little bit. I think it suits me well.''  I'm guessing not being on the 3 deep or not making the trip to ND had anything to do with him leaving.

  • U of M Flint's first football game draws 400 people. 

  • UMass moves up 5 spots to #11 in the FCS poll after losing to Michigan.  (no comment needed here)

  • Timmy Jernigan one of the top DT in the country is going to hold off a decision until after the season so he can take some visits.  One of those visits  should be to Ann Arbor.

A thought for the day:  With Michigan in such bad shape from a kicking stand point, why didn't they give Bryan Wright a 5th year?  He is now kicking for Bowling Green and will kick in the Big House again this Saturday.   He transfered to BGSU under that rule getting a 5th year if you graduate and the new school offers a program your old school did not.

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