Monday, September 20, 2010

RR's Press Conference Notes

  • Played tentative on defense, didn't get off blocks, and tackling as gotten worse from game 1,2, and 3.
  • Mike Martin played well.
  • Kovacs and Martin have been the 2 most consistent players on defense this year.
  • Patrick Omameh has been playing well, the first step is very important to him
  • BGSU is very active and aggressive, very good skill players.
  • Taylor Lewan played 20 snaps and he might start next week, played well
  • Not making the stops and might need to move some young guys in there
  • Don't know if Brandon Herrin will be ready this weekend (injury)
  • Not worried about getting Tate and Devin snaps in games
Short and sweet with RR today.

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