Friday, October 12, 2012

Illinois Preview

Time: 3:30
Location:  Big House
Weather:  61 degrees with rain showers
Line:  Michigan -25

The line for this game keeps going up, which means most of the money continues to be on the Wolverines to win this game.  I believe it started at 21 points on Monday.    So Vegas and betters think this game won't be close. 

Is this UMass 2.0?  Not really.  The Fighting Illini is re-building but QB Nathan Scheelhaase is a poor man's Denard Robinson.   Nathan has been banged up with a bad ankle most of the year but now seems to be healthy.   They say Illinois played a decent 3 quarters last week against Wisconsin before Tim Beckman started dipping.  The problem is that Illinois has the worst defense in the Big Ten giving up 28 points per game. 

Is this going to be a repeat of the 2010 67-65 3 OT game?  Is Greg Robinson still here?  Not a chance.

Which game plan will we see,  Purdue or ND?   This is going to be a Purdue game plan.  I think Big Al woke up and found he still had the most dynamic running QB in the country.   I think we will see less Denard and lots of Fitz to protect Denard from getting a number of hits.  

What has happened to the 12:00 kick-offs? I don't know but I wish we had some.  We have had some weird game times this year so far.  2- 8:00, 1-4:00 and 3-3:30 (if you include this one).

Tale of the Tape:

Michigan everything vs. Illinois everything = a 25 point line

Here is how each team stacks up nationally on a few key stats:

Passing Yards:  Ill = 83  Mich = 103
Rushing Yards: Ill = 96  Mich = 28
Points for:  Ill =103   Mich = 49
Points against: Ill =81 Mich = 38

The biggest mystery in this game is who will wear President Ford's #48 jersey and what type of Pink will the Wolverines wear on Saturday.    Kovas tweeted out yesterday:  Heard we're wearing pink this weekend in support of breast cancer awareness  As you know, the Michigan coaches will wear the Chuckstrong shirts before the game. 

I have to say, I'm in favor of the term Leaders and Breasts.  Though combining Michigan Football and Breasts could be too powerful combination for most guys. 

Sing Hail to the Victors if...................
  • No offensive turnovers
  • Fitz gets over 100 yards
  • Denard plays 3 quarters or less due to score
  • The defense keeps Illinois under 10 points
Say is this 2010? if...................
  • Michigan looks ahead to next week against MSU
  • Michigan turns the ball over multiple times
  • Tim Beckman has a spit cup on the sideline
  • The Michigan Defense has trouble with a mobile QB
I would like to see a dominating game from Michigan's offensive line, which would mean big days from Fitz and time for Denard to pass.   I would like to see a multiple catch day from guys like Roundtree, Funchess and Gardner.  I would love it if Denard gets over 100 yards on the ground but I would rather see the RB's carry the load in this one.   If Fitz struggles I expect to see Rawls and Hayes get some touches. 

Look for a big day from:  Demens & Roh on defense and Fitz & Roundtree on offense. 

Michigan 42  Illinois 10

Go Blue!

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dude1984 said...

What I would like to see...

-Clock management…running and short passes to set up the intermediate to deep play action.
-Power and physicality… exclusively use 12, 21, and 22 personnel packages. It is still possible to use power personnel packages when they decide to run the zone option.

-Play mind games…half of the time or there about, do the opposite of what they are showing i.e. back off when showing blitz or blitz when showing a passive formation 50% of the time.
-Balance…50% of the time blitz… 50/50 with type of blitz (delayed or overload), 50/50 number of players being sent (5 or 6), 33/33/33 on where the blitz is (left, center, or right), and 50/50 on coverage (pure zone or cover 2 man under).