Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Ten Weekend Preview

It's clear which is the best Big Ten game of the weekend.  It's called "The Game" for a reason. 

We also know that game will be previewed on Black  Blue Friday.  

On to the rest of the Big 14 games of the week.................


Nebraska at Iowa (Neb -15):  Both teams have something to play for.  Nebraska can earn a trip to Indy and Iowa is playing their last game of the year.   This Iowa team is a mess and looks like they have quit on their coach.  If they haven't they have a chance at an upset.  I think this one will be closer then we think, just so they can drive a nail through Big Al's heart for not having Devin ready to play.   Nebraska 21 Iowa 17


Illinois at Northwestern (NW -19.5):  This will be ugly early and late:  Northwestern 38 Illinois 7

Indiana at Purdue (Pur -6):  Purdue is playing for the Pizza Bowl and IU is playing for pride.  Pizza wins they day.  Purdue 24 IU 21

Wisconsin at Penn State (PSU -2.5):  If things had gone differently for each program this could have been a really good football game with a ton on the line.  This is Penn State's last game and Wisconsin will play two more.   You want to know what is embarrassing to the Big 10?  A 4-4 Wisconsin team in the Championship game!  Penn State 27 Wisconsin 17

MSU at Minnesota (MSU -8.5)  Both teams are a mess.  MSU has their bowl life on the line and they were considered a good pick for Big Ten Champs in the pre-season.  MSU plays good defense, Minnesota does not and has been reeling this week due to a player quitting the team and slamming Jerry Kill on the way out.  MSU 31 Minn 14

Enjoy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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