Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wolverine Wednesday: Thinks About Stuff

All the news really hit Monday and Tuesday of this week.   With Thanksgiving on Thursday the sports world is pretty quiet unless your the San Francisco back-up QB or playing ND on Saturday night.

So here are some things that are floating around in my brain.

  •  I think Michigan will mix it up at QB on OSU like they did against Iowa.  I expect Denard will throw a few passes.  When asked if he could throw the ball Saturday, he flashed his smile, and said, "You'll have to see Saturday."

  • I have zero confidence in Iowa beating Nebraska on Friday.   But..........this is Iowa's bowl game and it's at home.  We know a few things, Iowa plays better at home and Nebraska is not a good road team.  Baylor had one win in the Big12 before they upset K-State on Saturday night, so anything can happen.  BTW: Darryl Stonum is not seeing much time for Baylor.  I think he has 3 catches on the entire season and returning kicks.

  • Speaking of WR's:  It amazes me that Michigan is losing ground with Laquon Treadwell, he could have one (hopefully 2) year with the strong armed Devin Gardner and 3 with Shane Morris.  That's 2 Five Star QB's if your keeping score at home.  Also what the heck happened to DeAnthony Arnett at MSU?  He has 3 catches this year for the Spartans and hasn't seen the field much.   I'm wondering if he could of helped the Wolverines a bit more if he had choose to come to A2.

  • This Ohio State team is hard to figure out:  They have zero really good wins.  They have a few good wins at Wisconsin, Nebraska and at MSU.  They also have some head scratching wins where they didn't look good at all verses the likes of Cal, Indiana and Purdue.   This is the results of a down Big Ten and a really bad non-conference schedule.    So are they beatable or a good team that finds away to win? Maybe both.

  • If Nebraska wins on Friday, I think Michigan fans can book their travel plans to Orlando.   I think Michigan ends up there no matter the result in C-Bus.  I just hope we don't get LSU or something.   I would like to see South Carolina and the Old Ball Coach.

  • I think Michigan will miss Fitz against OSU.  I don't see Rawls or Smith as a possible game breaker with a long run.

  • Don't forget the Michigan basketball team plays tonight against Pitt and hopefully Friday for the NIT Championship game.  It's a late tip tonight at 9:30.

  • Could Michigan have losses against the two teams playing in the BCS Championship?  Watch out for USC and their WR's on Saturday night.  If that redshirt freshman doesn't turn it over they have the ability to beat the Irish.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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