Friday, November 9, 2012

Northwestern Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Big House
Weather: H 62 with Rain
Line:  Michigan -11.5  -9.5

This is a must win for the Wolverines if they want any shot at getting to Indy.  Northwestern has two conferences losses and has hopes that they will get a ton of help and make it there as well.   Northwestern is ranked in the top 25 and Michigan is a double digit favorite. 

Who is playing QB?  We really don't know on either side.   Both teams have multiple QB's that play WR and who have the ability to run a defense out of the stadium.   Northwestern has two QB's in Kain Colter who has thrown for 571 yards, run for 622 and caught 169 yards and Trevor Siemian who has thrown the ball 96 times for just under 1000 yards.   Trevor threw one pass two weeks ago against Iowa for 4 yards.  Northwestern has had two weeks to prepare for this game.

We know the guys under center for Michigan or at least we think we do.  The way Hoke preps the media on injuries we might see Jack Kennedy start.   Is Denard healthy?  We won't know until the game starts.   Will Devin play QB?  If Denard isn't ready, then I expect he will.   The weather will be in the 60's but it could be raining.   Not sure how that would effect Denard's nerve issues.

Tale of the Tape

D. Robinson vs. K. Colter in a foot race = Speed

Colter vs. Ryan = Push and difference in the game

Michigan's Offense vs. NW D =  Denard, Devin and Fitz

Michigan Punting vs. Not Punting= Score lots of points!

Bye Week vs. Rust = See Detroit Tigers

The following are the points that NW's D has given up in Big Ten play this year:  29, 39, 13, 29 and 17.  Compare that to the Wolverines D:  13, 0, 10, 23 & 13.   Michigan has a much better defense and has to win the battle against Northwestern offense to win this game.   Northwestern wants to score a ton of points and Michigan needs to keep them from having long drives.   The up tempo that Northwestern plays could wear down Greg Mattision's unit if they are the field for lots of plays.   Michigan's defense should be prepared to play against the up-tempo after playing Nebraska two weeks ago.

Tec Fear Factor:  3 out of 5 Bones

I expect a similar look from Jake Ryan on Saturday

Sing Hail to the Victors if.................................
  • Denard and/or Devin has a big day under center
  • Michigan puts up a ton of points (they might need it)
  • Northwestern is rusty on offense off a bye
  • Greg Mattison confuses Colter
  • This isn't a shoot out
Say Purple is for Pioneer High School if..............................
  • Colter is giving the Michigan D problems
  • It is a shoot out
  • Fitz and Rawls have trouble finding holes and yards
  • Michigan loses TO margin
  • NW's talented DE Tyler Scott is causing problems for Denard or Devin

I would like to see the Michigan defense win this game for the Wolverines.   The NW defense has given up big plays all year and the Michigan offense needs to do their part.   Northwestern seems to always give Michigan's problems in these type of November games.   Michigan's Defense is the best unit on the field and they have to play like it.

Wolverines to Watch:  Offense:  Big Day for Denard Running and Roundtree catches at least one touchdown.   Defense:  Kenny Demens at LB and Craig Roh with QB pressure.

Michigan 31  NW 17



Lionman said...

I think NW is a win at home, and could be large...hopefully LQ is impressed and commits. I'll take a Neb loss for my Christmas Present....but I shouldn't have to believe in Santa Clause @ 46 years of age - perhaps Saint Nick will help us out as Hoke has been a pretty good guy this year, AB not so much. TEC Boogie needs a UM collar for christmas...Go BLUE!

David LaFleur said...

He gots a Blocky Dogs blue & yellow collar gonna wrap it around a buckeye.