Monday, December 3, 2012

33 Out

Stephen Hopkins has left the Michigan Football Program. 

Michigan fans and coaches had high hopes for Stephen to be the next power running back for the Wolverines.  He had fumble issues early in his career and moved to FB to get on the field.  He had injury issues this year and got passed by on the depth chart by a walk-on Joe Kerridge.  It seems Stephen will leave with his degree as he searches for a new place to play football.

Michigan does not have any depth issues at FB with Kerridge and freshman Sione Houma.   Wyatt Shallman is a 2013 recruit coming in as a big RB as well.

Michigan signed 27 recruits in the 2010 class.  13 remain.     Insert you own comment here:  RR is a _________  recruiter.

One last look at Stephen as he EYES a Division 1 defense coming at him. 


Unknown said...

Bob, how many scholarships will Michigan have for the 2013 class?

Unknown said...

Bob, how many scholarships does that leave for 2013?

Bob said...

The coaches were expecting players to leave, so they are going with a class of 25 even though they don't have 25 spots available. Some guys won't get 5th years and other guys will leave the team. Lewan could go pro, etc.