Thursday, December 20, 2012

Michigan Thursday: It's the Recruiting Dead Period

It started on Monday and lasts until January 3rd.   The dead period is different then the quiet period which I will talk about a little later.  

So what is this dead period and what can coaches do and not do?

During this time, coaches can not host recruits on campus or visit them at home.  Basically, no in-person contact.   One call per week is allowed from Coach to Player.  Recruits can contact coaches if they have questions and I don't believe there is any limit to player to coaches calls.   This is important for a couple of reasons that could effect the Wolverines. 

  • Two Dan's and Marcus:  Michigan hosted two offensive lineman and a LB prospect last weekend in Ann Arbor.   All three players are committed to other schools, two out of the three have brand new coaches.   Dan Skipper is committed to Tennessee and Marcus Ball is verbally committed to Wisconsin.   The Badgers are going to announce their new head coach today, Tennessee announced theirs a couple weeks ago.   Which means these guys have to go a couple weeks with out meeting the new head coaches face to face vs. committing to Michigan and filling one of the last spots in the class.   Recruiting is all about relationships and it's hard for new coaches to jump into a recruitment at the last minute and make a huge impression.  The dead period gives these players a ton of time to think of where they want to play football.  Dan Samuelson is reportedly having a difficult time weighing his options between staying with Nebraska and going to Michigan. 

  • Bowl Practice in Tampa:  The Under Armour All American Game is being played in Tampa and there will be a ton of commits and prospects in town that could attend a Michigan practice.  Also Tampa is the home town of mega recruit Leon McQuay and he is expected to attend a practice as well.    So how can recruits watch a practice during the dead period you ask?  They have to watch practice from an area that is open to the public.   Knowing how Hoke keeps most media and others out of practice, I'm guessing there will be a public viewing that won't be advertised unless your a 4 or 5 star prospect.  If you remember, Dee Hart visited Alabama practice a couple times when they were practicing at his high school.  

So what's the quiet period?

The quiet period allows for in-person contact on campus only and 1 phone call per week from a coach. 

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d_ronii said...

I hope we can get green and / or Mcquay for our last push to end strong. Last year ended with a thud so finishing strong would a welcome suprise.