Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Jersey & Helmet for Outback

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pacman said...

A crap sandwich is much more appealing than this mess. Michigan is the gold standard for college football and tradition. Unfortunately, Dave Brandon is willing to trade tradition and what used to be the standard for most other programs in exchange for the corporate dollars - and this crap sandwich. I mean really? F*cking with the perfect M helmet. Enough is enough!

Voice of Reason said...

I completely agree!!!

Brandon's theme: Mo Money!



He should leave the uniforms alone.

uncle ron said...

I agree with both of you!!!!!!!

1UM_Fan said...

You can mess with the uniforms a little, but don't go all Oregon on them. But, leave the helmet alone.

Bob said...

Guys check out this post by John U Bacon. http://johnubacon.com/2012/12/tradition-for-fun-but-mostly-profit/

His successor, Dave Brandon, served as the CEO for two Fortune 500 companies, and is worth well over $100 million. His salary at Michigan is fast approaching million dollars, including bonuses. For the first time in Michigan’s long history, the athletic director makes more than the president.

The people behind our current “business model” count on our boundless passion for Michigan football to keep us coming back – and they know how to exploit it. But my passion is for the players and the band and the tailgaters who will give just about any passerby a hot dog and a beer, simply for the asking. My love is not for the money-changers trying to turn a buck on every facet of our fun.

Voice of Reason said...

I think John U. Bacon is correct; the university is taking unfair advantage of our loyalty. I know the university has to pay for salaries and facility upgrades, the light bill and so forth, but there should be a line that you will not cross. That means for starters not screwing the students who have a right to the tickets, plus your loyal supporters and not tampering with sacred Michigan traditions. Being a rich successful business man you would think that he would know a variety of other ways to raise money. You would also think that a Michigan man would be the one who understands this the most, because maize and blue runs through his veins but yet his actions show that he understands it the least. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Brandon is a huge upgrade over Martin, but even Martin never did this.

maize n blue blood said...

It's nice especially the matte helmet. I would like to see this in the big games.

Change is good. Bottom line is we must win.

Fire Funk and Hire Cameron Norcross.

marcus_keyes said...

Being a huge fan of u of m sports football being king, i have two sons named after former players and coaches braylon bo & desmond charles. I like the changes to an extent. We all have to realize this is not our grandfathers nor even fathers michigan anymore i.e. those jumbotrons. Oregon has become a national power due to uniforms. Were dealing with teens 15-18yr old kids who want what looks good on them. Im all for the history of our uniforms but give the kids options. Tinker with any part of the uniform except the maize wings!!!