Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wolverine Wednesday: Hey Coach, Need a Job?

NCAA Coaching searches are funny things.   We haven't heard anything about the coaching vacancies and who schools might be looking at for about a week.  Gruden's name always comes up and a few blogs run with the story he is seriously considering something and then it goes away.  

The first shoe to drop was a shocker to me in Bret Bielema leaving for Arkansas.   Let's be clear, Arkansas is not a better job then Wisconsin.   Then why would he leave?  Because of money.   I bet Bret felt that Wisconsin didn't respect him and kept his salary pretty low when the school was cashing big bowl and BTN checks every year.  He had to recruit against the likes of Michigan, ND and Ohio State and it wasn't going that well.  He took this job for money, plain and simple.  He thinks recruiting was hard at Wisconsin?  Now he has to recruit against the likes of Bama, LSU, Florida and Texas.  Good luck with that decision.  3-4 years tops in this role.  

Then the breaking news, Auburn hires their former Offensive Coordinator Big Al Borges to be their next head coach!   I can't believe it. 

Brain: Hey Bob

BHB:  Hi Brain

Brain:  Auburn did hire their former OC but it wasn't Big Al,  It was Gus Malzahn.

BHB: Sh...........

Purdue hires Darrel Hazel the former Kent State coach after Butch Jones turned them down for maybe the worst coaching situation in college football at Colorado.    I don't know if this is a good move or not.  I do know Darrell doesn't have the "big name" Purdue was looking for to turn around their program.

Tennessee is focusing their effort on Louisville's Charlie Strong and it looks like Charlie might stay at UL.  Which is probably a smart move with the Cardinals heading to the ACC, I'm not sure Tennessee is a better job at this point.

It seems Wisconsin wants their former OC Paul Chryst who just finished his first year as the headman at Pitt.   Paul as of know is staying at Pitt.

Big Al your not sending out enough resumes!

  • John Beilein got his 650 win last night against WMU. 

  • Braylon Edwards got cut by the Seahawks yesterday.  Braylon needs to stay off twitter and catch a few more balls.


uncle ron said...

Where is Scott Loeffler?

Bob said...

Unemployed at the moment. He was Auburn's OC.

JQP said...

Let's face it, Big Al just isn't a top tier OC, and he's proven it the last two years.

John Agno said...

Perhaps it's retirement time for Big Al...