Thursday, January 31, 2013

Michigan Thursday: BHB Bullets

  • Michigan beat up on Northwestern last night.  The big test comes Saturday night at Indiana.  I hope the young Wolverines learned how to play in difficult environments after the OSU game.

  • Guess who is blowing up on the recruiting trail?  WR Da'Mario Jones.   Just this week, Alabama, FSU, Georgia, MSU and UCLA all visited the Michigan recruit.  UCLA, Georgia and MSU offered.  FSU and Alabama wanted him to visit and then they would have offered.   Sounds like Michigan might have found a diamond in the rough here.   Jones family moved around a bit (Ohio, NY and Michigan) and he didn't attend many camps. 

  • Coach Hoke was in Grand Rapids yesterday recruiting Drake Harris and Tommy Doles.

  • Another RR article talking about how Arizona is going to the Rose Bowl and how RR forgot how to coach when he got to Michigan.  So let's re-state the facts one more time:  RR wasn't ready to run a program the size of Michigan and he did forget how to coach "defense" when he got here.  For the record Arizona can't tackle either. 

  • The Michigan coaches have been looking at 2014 QB Wilton Speight he is 6'5 and 220 from Richmond, VA.

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Blue-blooded said...

I think RR COULD have done well at Michigan. He failed to learn and embrace what is Michigan. Not firing Greg Robinson and getting a quality defensive coordinator was his eventual down fall.
It wasn't a good fit, it wasn't the right hire. There is fault on both sides of the equasion. I don't think the alum's and boosters were very accepting of him to begin with. All that being said, without RR there would have been no Denard in Blue, and that kid is all Class... I hope he has a long and successful NFL career as a kick and punt return man, breaking records with his shoes untied!