Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Finally No More Hoke Speak

I have been waiting to hear Brady Hoke or any of the Michigan coaches give a real comment about last season.   I'm sure we will never hear how Michigan got out coached during the season but at least this is a start:

"We had a s****y season, to be honest with you," Hoke said at the MHSFA's Winner’s Circle Clinic. "Bad year, to be honest. Proud of the kids, how they kept moving forward, but it wasn't the year Michigan deserves."

"I mean, it was, for the expectations (we have)," Hoke told reporters after his presentation. "It was probably an improper word to use. I loved how the kids worked, and they helped grow us. But it's not the expectation. I like how they prepared weekly.

"At times we didn't execute as well as we'd like, but I like how they came and they prepared, I like how they played in the bowl game."

Coach Hoke said this in front of high school coaches Friday in Kalamazoo.  I know he used a bad word, but I think that word fits the season.  He also said, "to be honest"  I hope he is a good enough coach to be honest with himself and make the proper changes to improve next year.  

  • Lloyd Carr was named to the NCAA Committee on Infractions.  Get ready for a lot of guys running stairs at their own stadiums at 5:00AM.

  • 2014 OL Denzel Ward transferred high schools and is now at the IMG Academy in Florida.  I didn't know that was a real school, I thought that was place were players go to train.  For example: Manti Te'o and his girlfriend are there right now preparing for the NFL Draft.   On a side note, I wouldn't hold your breath on Denzel's recruitment to Michigan.  I have a feeling he might jump off the ship at some point.

  • Denard is at the senior bowl this week and I'm sure there will be some updates on how he is doing at WR.   I wonder if the pistol offense and read option being successful in the NFL will help a team pick Denard.  Not for a full time QB but maybe as a WR/Pistol QB?  Below is his jersey for the game.

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Blue-blooded said...

It's good to hear that Brady was disappointed, because I sure was. It seems mediocrity has become acceptable in A2 over the past 20 years, and that isn't Michigan Football.... Greg Robinson's debacle of a defense, Al Borge's total failure in squandering Denard's talent and not having a back up ready, knowing Denard is running 20 times a game (Nebraska).. But Brady admitting disappointment kindles new hope, hope that Michigan Football will get back to Michigan Football..