Monday, February 25, 2013

Michigan Monday: Visit Recaps

So the Wolverines had a busy weekend on and off the floor.   Yesterday afternoon the Men's basketball team played well in the second half and pulled away from a "hot" Illinois team that looked like was going to stay in the game until the very end.   I know this isn't breaking news but Trey Burke is special and we might remember him as being one of the best Wolverines ever.  

Now to the recruits that were on campus:

  • 5 star RB Elijah Hood:  "I have to wait and think about it, but there will be some movement on that list. Both Michigan and Ohio State will move up," he said. "One of these three schools will be my leader, but I have to talk with my family first. I'd like to get the new top five out as soon as possible." ---  per twitter: "I loved Michigan that was #eyeopening." Later... "I am so high on them I'd put them at #1 but I need to relax a few days and see if I feel the same way."   Hood was in ND, Michigan and OSU this weekend.

  • QB commit Wilton Speight :  "On the way home my mom and dad said they knew the coaches were some of the best in the country and that [Brady] Hoke was a good guy, but we didn't know it would be that incredible," he said. "The minor details each coach doesn't have to know, but that they do goes a long way. When I walked in they asked how my little brother was doing and that was awesome."

  • OL Mason Cole:  On his 3rd visit to A2:  “This does a lot [for Michigan],” Cole said of the visit. “I like it a lot. It’s a special place. There’s nothing really like it.”

  • WR Drake Harris:  Really enjoyed his time this weekend.  He and Wilton continue to have a strong relationship and he was impressed by the academics, weight room and practice facility.  He doesn't have a top list but Michigan will be high on his list.  He will visit OSU and Florida and maybe back in A2 for the Michigan - IU basketball game.  He really enjoyed how the coaches and recruits say he is a top priority for the Wolverines.  

  • Malik McDowell was on campus and said the visit went well.  He will also be visiting ND and OSU.  He is not ready to announce a leader.

  • Ferns recruiting:

Michigan did have a loss this weekend, in DL coach Jerry Montgomery going to Oklahoma.  This is a loss from the recruiting side not so much from the "coaching" side, since both Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison specialize in coaching the defensive lineman.  Jerry was mostly known for being a great recruiter and responsible for most of the 2014 class commits already.   This is a great opportunity for him and Michigan will look to fill an opening on the coaching staff.   The rumors are saying it will be a defensive coach but probably not on the D-line.   Erik "Soup" Campbell I believe is available, I know he is a DB coach but is also known as a strong recruiter.  Soup was the long time DB coach for Iowa. 

  • One of the things I thought would really help Denard's draft stock was a blazing 40 time.  He had a good one at 4.43 but not in the 4.3's as I was hoping.   I'm betting the weight he has put on over the past 4 years has caused his 40 to go up.   I hope he caught everything that was thrown to him over the weekend.   The Michigan pro day will be huge for Denard and other Wolverines.   I wonder if Kevin Koger is able to be drafted this year or maybe he is a free agent.  (He hurt himself right before the draft last year) 

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