Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Can Grow Some Hair

Mason Cole is the 4th Michigan commitment and the latest to the 2014 recruiting class.  He is ranked 4 stars by all the services (-ESPN which isn't out yet) and a borderline top 100 player.   He is 6'5 and 275 pounds and probably will play guard at Michigan.   He is obviously a skilled player, who many of the top programs offered a scholarship to.   That is all great but maybe his greatest skill is his ability to grow hair.  

Here are two photo's from Rivals site:

This is from over a year ago:  January 2012

I believe this one is from last weekend:

Looks like my man has not made it in to Sport Clips in over a year.   That is some impressive hair growth.

  • Denard impressed the NFL guys in being able to catch the ball and the potential to change positions at the NFL Combine.   If I had to guess Denard did well in the interviews.   If I were a fly on the wall in the interview room, I bet this is how it went:  "Denard where would you like to play in the NFL?  Anywhere you want me to sir."   “Most college quarterbacks are adverse to switching positions,” Brandt, an analyst for NFL.com now, said in a message on Twitter. “Not Denard.”  This article was highlighted on MSN's cover page last night.

  • Speaking of former great Michigan QB's:  Tom Brady structures his contract to save the organization $15M in cap space the next two years.
  • Michigan is now #4 in both polls.

  • After Elijah Hood busy weekend he has a top 3 in order of  ND, Michigan and OSU.

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