Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Looks To Put On a Gray Shirt

Most of us are familiar with the term "red shirt" when it comes to the student athletes in Ann Arbor.    We hope to hear that Devin Gardner has been granted his "red shirt" year for his back injury his freshman year.

A term not as commonly used is "grey shirt".    This means the athlete who gets offered the gray shirt will have to do one of the following:  The student pays for a year or 1/2 year of college themselves or enrolls at a later date.   After a year (or when the agreed term is finished) the player will be put on scholarship.

Normally we don't see this too often from the Wolverines.   Maybe for a kicker, punter or long snapper.  We saw an example a couple of years ago for DB Jeremy Clark from Kentucky.  After some changes in that class Clark became a regular "offer" and the gray shirt was removed.

The reason we mentioned this is because Brady Hoke has offered 2014 DT/OL Brady Pallante a Gray Shirt for January 2015.   Brady P is a 6'1 235 pound DT from Naples, Florida.  Pallante was at Michigan's summer camp and the coaches have watched film on him.   He is a Michigan fan and is seriously considering committing to Michigan but not being on scholarship until January 2015.  Which means he wouldn't count against the 2014 class.  Michigan already has a DT commitment in the 2014 class from Bryan Mone.

Weekend Visitor Updates:

TE Daniel Helm:  Was on a visit with his sister, mother and grandfather.  He really enjoyed the visit and the basketball game.   He also had a chance to talk to Derrick Green and Khalid Hill who were also in A2 this weekend.  Daniel is going to take his time but has high regards for the Wolverines in his recruitment process.

DB Parrker Westphal:  This was his second visit to Ann Arbor and this time he brought his brother and father.  Parrker spent a hour with Greg Mattison on how Michigan wants big DB's just like him.  Since Parrker has been on campus before he didn't see a lot of new things but still has a high regard for the Wolverines.  Parrker is still open in his recruitment.  

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