Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Team 135 Updates

I should have talked about this on Monday, but my memory failed me.   Michael Ferns, Michigan's first commitment to the class of 2014 and Team 135 is taking recruiting and being a Wolverine very seriously:

No this isn't a NCAA Violation since he is buying and sending the shirts with his own money.  I don't believe Michigan will have any trouble with the use of the Block M logo.  Good thing for him this is expected to be a small class (20 or under).     I think the best comment I heard on this was:  "not sure how this will effect recruits but it sure does show Michael's love and commitment to U of M".   That is exactly what we want from a 17 year old kid and future Michigan Man that lives in Ohio.

  • There has been some concern with the internet on Wilton Speight not being rated by any of the recruiting services yet.   Wilton accepted an offer to play in the Under Armour All American game yesterday.   That should help those fears.

  • Five-star NJ CB Jabrill Peppers has a top five of Stanford, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Alabama.

  • Charles Woodson and now Steve Breaston have both been released.     Steve didn't have a very good year last year (7 catches) and Chuck had like a $9M number on him next year. 

  • Florida and MSU lost last night.  That is a nice win for IU in East Lansing last night.

  • There are rumors floating around that the likes of Virginia, Georgia Tech and North Carolina that could be offered spots in the Big Ten.   What would happen to the NC - Duke basketball games? 


uncle ron said...

Sure would like to have one as a fan but have no idea how to twitter (2x)......... damn. I like this kid, alot. He is a true Michigan Man......Go Blue 135

Blue-blooded said...

He should sell them, covering his cost, donating anything beyond to the Woodson Reaserch foundation at Mott's Children's hospital. I'd order 10 today!!!