Monday, March 11, 2013

Michigan Monday: The Little Things

The little things are the stuff that drive coaches crazy.   No matter how many times they say it or practice it, the little things can cost you games and sometimes championships.  That was obvious last night, in Michigan's loss.  

Thoughts/screams that were going through my mind when I was watching the game:

  • Grab a damn rebound! It seemed IU had three shots every time down the floor.  24 offensive rebounds, that is 24 opportunities to have a stop the Wolverines didn't get.
  • Make a lay up!   Too many blown lay ups from the likes of Morgan and McGary.
  • Burke was just tired most of the game.  When a team takes him away, somebody has to step up.
  • The free throw shooting of course was key to the loss and each one of Michigan's NBA prospects missed one, GR3, Hardaway and Burke. 
  • I don't see the strategy of not having a Wolverine lining up at the free throw line.  The Haradway and Burke misses were really bad and maybe we could of come up with a bad bounce/rebound.   There was too much time left to clear the lane, in my opinion. 

Sometimes when you lose you get beat by a better team, sometimes you give a win to the opponent.  Last night in most likely the last game in Crisler for Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway, they gave IU the win and the championship, because they couldn't do the little things.  

I like coach Beilein but his teams get beat in the last second in the most bizarre ways I have ever seen.  

Michigan now plays Penn State on Thursday in the Big Ten Tournament.   They better be ready to play because we have seen how PSU matches up against the Wolverines. 

  • Drake Harris had a good visit, he got to tour more of the academic side of the U of M.  Coach Hoke's flight from Florida was delayed due to weather and he didn't get to Drake's mom but did speak to her on the phone.  Drake's Grandfather also made the visit with him.   The Michigan coaches are hoping to get him back on campus for a spring practice and game.

  • TE Nic Weishar didn't make it to campus but is planning on visiting this weekend. 

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