Thursday, March 7, 2013

Michigan Thursday: Thinks About the NFL Draft

A couple thoughts on the NFL Draft:

  • Could a Chip be the first pick in the NFL Draft?  Highly rated OT Eric Fisher from Central Michigan could be the NFL's #1 draft pick.   KC has the first pick and just cut Eric Winston one of their starting Tackles.   Eric and Texas AM's OT Luke Joeckel are the top two Tackles in the draft.

  • Perfect Storm for Denard?  Could there be a better time for Denard to enter the NFL draft?  Sure, his WR skills still need to be developed but with the success of the Pistol Offense, I'm sure there is an NFL team thinking they could develop Denard into a WR but also a guy that could go under center and run the ball from the QB position.   He is not a great passer but I'm betting he wouldn't have to throw that many passes if a team has an established pro-style QB.

Michigan gutted out another road win last night and kept the dream alive of a share of the Big Ten title.  Michigan has to figure out it's defense and some of it's plays on offense.  This dribbling around hoping Burke does something special is really frustrating me.   BTW, I would like to see a stat on how many missed shots from the lane Michigan had last night.  It seemed at least 10, which would have made the game a blow out.   Those lost possessions will kill the Wolverines in the tournament.

  • New Cleveland Clinic Study finds that:  College football players who sustain hits to the head may experience long-term brain damage even if they aren’t concussed.  This is a good read.

  • A cool story on Tyrone Wheatley Jr. and how he just received a Michigan offer from Brady Hoke.   TW2 (too early for a nickname?) is a TE/DE prospect in the 2015 class.

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