Monday, April 1, 2013

Lucky Number 4

Are you still smiling from the win yesterday afternoon?  I still am.   I love this feeling, it seems we rarely get it anymore.     No mater what happens from here on out, last weekend was magical for the Wolverines and they have earned a banner in Crisler and that feels really really good! 

There seems to be some symmetry with the #4 right now.   For example:

  • Michigan joins Syracuse, Louisville and Wichita State in the Final 4.
  • #4 Michigan will play #4 Syracuse - the first time two #4 seeds have met in the NCAA Championship.
  • Michigan's Big Man that has come into his own in this tournament is #4 Mitch McGary
  • We will see more highlights then we prefer with the Fab Five's run to two National Title games and the time out from #4 Chris Weber.
  • This Thursday it will be 4/04
That is all I got maybe Burke, Stauskas or Hardaway can make a 4 point play.

If you want to check out the Final 4 Michigan gear.  Visit BHB's friends at the MDen.   There is even some Nike gear for those that are down on Adidas.

I will look into this more this week, but the match-up against Syracuse Zone could be a tough match-up for the Wolverines.   The way to beat a 2-3 Zone is to shoot your way out of it.  Beilein didn't have a ton of success against it when he was at WVU, in fact I don't believe he ever beat Syracuse while he was in the Big East.   His record at WVU against Boeheim is irrelevant, the key is Beilein understands the zone that Syracuse plays and hopefully understands what Michigan needs to beat it.    This should give him a leg up on preparing the young Wolverines.  

Jim Boeheim said at half time that Michigan will be the toughest match up they have had in the entire tournament due to their strength from shooting from outside.   I don't believe Burke's penetration will be effective against the Syracuse zone, which will also hurt McGary's effectiveness.   Look for Michigan to play small and put a number of shooters on the floor to see if they can rain 3's against the zone.  I wouldn't even be surprised to see more time for a guy like Vogrich.

More to come on that but those are my initial thoughts on the Syracuse match-up.

  • Drake Harris is expected to spend the entire weekend of the Spring Game in Ann Arbor. 
  • 2014 OL Alex Bars visited this weekend.  He of course is the brother of current Wolverine Blake Bars.
  • Cleveland LB Kyle Berger is 50/50 right now for Michigan and OSU.  He is still planning a May decision.  Seems like at two horse race at this point for Kyle. 
  • Expect some more visits this week since some kids are on Spring Break.

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