Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Burke Receives More Hardware

Trey Burke continues to win individual awards as he and his teammates prepare for the Final 4.  His latest awards are being a member of two All American Teams in the 10-member John R. Wooden All-American team and was named to the 1st team of the AP All American team.  Michigan hasn't had a member on the 1st team AP AA team since Chris Weber in 1993.

Michigan Spring Roster QB's:

6cleary brian  Brian ClearyQB756-31992RS FR Detroit, Mich. (Detroit Jesuit HS)

8 bellomy russell   Russell BellomyQB756-32134RS SOArlington, Texas (Martin)

13  swieca alexAlex SwiecaQB736-12104RS SO New York, N.Y. (The Frisch School)

15austin shaun Shaun AustinQB736-12042RS FR Plymouth, MI (Plymouth HS)

12 gardner devin   Devin Gardner QB 76 6-4 210 6 RS JR Detroit, Mich. (Inkster)

With the loss of Bellomy to an ACL tear that leaves Michigan with 1 scholarship QB on the roster.   This is why it's important to recruit a QB every year.   Michigan didn't in the 2012 class and that could come back and hurt the Wolverines if Gardner goes down next year.   Shane Morris will be on campus this summer and I expect there will be a ton of time with Big Al in the film room and in his office learning the Michigan offense.   (Big Al can't do any on field coaching with Shane but there can be some off field interaction and peer coaching by Shane's new teammates).

I'm guessing the #2 QB on the active roster right now is probably Brian Cleary who was a borderline MAC type of recruit who elected to walk-on to Michigan.  Brian is 6'3 and 200 pounds and has the frame that Big Al is looking for in a QB.    We will see how these guys play in the Spring Game.  With the entire Devin at WR and not prepared to play QB in the Nebraska game strategy has me concerned that Michigan doesn't have a dedicated QB coach on staff.


Voice of Reason said...

I agree, it looks like Cleary as the primary back up, but I see Austin as the next guy. They both should be getting a lot of snaps since the ACL. However, I can't see how Bellomy got hurt in the first place, do you know? It must have been a freak non-contact accident because I can't see the coaches being crazy enough to have their QB's LIVE in practice with only two scholarships on the roster.

Bob said...

I have no information on how it happened. I heard it happened last week sometime. Will see what I can find out.

Bob said...

VOR, I don't have new info on how it happened but I stole this from the board at WN on a poster that seemed to know what he or she is talking about:


Yeah ACL tears are fairly common under non-contact activity, although way more so with women than men for a whole slew of reasons which I won't bore you with. The non-contact variety typically happen during single leg landing, deceleration, or change of direction and typically occur due to poor Q-angles, specifically being too close to full extension of the knee in those positions. Contact tears are much different as they occur from shear stress of your foot remaining planted while an opponent produces forces that contort the upper leg and body in a different direction when the lower leg and foot remain planted. But, it does seem certainly less likely any of these would occur for a QB in non-contact drills. The only thing I can think is planting wrong or avoiding a rusher even if that rusher wasn't going to hit him...maybe even breaking the pocket during a play that breaks down and simulating a run and one of the processes above happens. But, it is sort of weird it would happen to a non-running type of QB in a non-contact position, but it certainly can happen and obviously did.

Voice of Reason said...

Thanks Bob