Sunday, April 7, 2013

One More Game Baby!

What would of your prediction have been of the Syracuse Final 4 game last week if the following happened?

Total Points:

Burke = 7
Hardaway = 13
GR3 = 10
McGary = 10
Stauskas = 0

I would have guessed a double digit win by the Orangeman.  Not a 5 point win by the Wolverines.  I expected Burke would struggle against the zone but I expected the likes of Nik and Tim would have to had big nights shooting the 3.   That didn't happen either and Michigan still won!  I'll take it!

Michigan won because of passing and rebounds of Mitch McGary and the bench play of Spike Albrecht, Caris LeVert, Jordan Morgan and Jon Horford.  Spike and Caris gave Michigan some much needed scoring in the first half when they added 4 three point shots.  Horford hit a big free throw and Jordan Morgan took a game saving charge. 

You could say this was a team win where 8 different players scored.  Props also has to go out to Coach Beilein and Michigan's coaching staff who developed some nice plays to beat the zone in the first half.   Michigan struggled against the zone and pressure of the Syracuse's press in the second half.   I think Michigan needed better ball handing on the court and I would have liked to have seen more Nik and Spike to help Trey with breaking the press. 

McGary seems to be getting better each game and his passing and offensive rebounds were key to Michigan's win.   If he can find a way to make free throws, Michigan will be in great shape.
Let's hope Louisville doesn't go with the "hack a Mc" strategy on Monday.  The best line of the night was when Clark Kellogg said, "McGary just went Magic Johnson on me!"  When the big fella delivered a no luck pass to GR3 for a dunk. 

I thought Michigan was just a couple of shots from blowing the Orangemen out.  The GR3 missed dunk would have brought the house down, a missed transition 3 by Hardaway in the second half when U of M was up 10 or so and if Nik had hit 50% of his shots.

With all Michigan did to get a good but ugly win on Saturday night they will need a Florida game type performance to become National Champions.  Here are my Sunday Morning keys to victory:

  • Burke must be Big - a no brainer
  • Stauskas must see the ball go through the hoop.  He needs to get a early basket or get to the free throw line.  He can't put up another donut.
  • GR3 must play better 1 on 1 defensive. 
  • Hardaway needs to stop dribbling - he really isn't very effective off the dribble.  Hit him for open 3's.
  • Spike needs more minutes for ball handling against the Louisville pressure
  • Hit pressure free throws - If it's a close game, it's clear the Cardinals will put the Wolverines on the line.  If they can't hit them, they will struggle to win a close game.

So the Michigan staff has plenty of work to do and it's great for Michigan fans everywhere that they have a couple more days to work.   Time to avenge the Webber Time Out!

Another great day to be a Michigan Wolverine!!!


Unknown said...

Also must find way to stop Louisville dribble drive penetration. Might need more of Morgan and McGary on floor together.
Bob Herrick

Bob said...

Yes, I like when Michigan plays big, but it takes a scorer off the floor, so one of Michigan's shooters needs to be getting good looks and knocking down shots, if they play big.

Scott K said...

This game couldn't set up better... Both teams, after getting taken to the wire on Saturday, will be bringing the A game. Michigan, having won without getting points from their top scorers, should be holding a slight edge... U don't expect Trey and Nicki Flash to be cold two games in a row. Big Mitch is a monster out there, and has only started 5 games, WOW.... lets have some fun watching this kid mature as a baller!!! GO BLUE!!