Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Throws Balls at Players

Want to see a coach's career come to an end in a New York Minute? Watch what happens to future Big Ten member Rutgers Men's Basketball coach Mike Rice today or  in the next few days.   With Rutgers heading into the Big Ten they won't want anything like this "hanging over their head".    It amazes me that a coach in today's world thinks he can get away with yelling homophobic slurs and throwing balls at players in an aggressive manner at practice.   How the hell is he ever going to be able to recruit again?  Answer: he isn't.

Eddie Rush the head of the officials from the PAC 12 just went from the "hot seat to the back seat".   I'm guessing the PAC 12 is re-considering his employment as well.   Maybe next year he can have a sales contest and the ref that has the most technical fouls will win a all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii.

Brady Hoke spoke yesterday, reporters listened.

Here are the highlights:

  • Cleary is clearly the #2 QB in Spring Ball right now.
  • Not sure how much of a "game" the Spring Game will be.
  • Justice Hayes has had a good Spring and is a big bigger and stronger
  • Brady won't be going to the Final 4 but has been in contact with Coach Beilien.
  • He joked about McGary being a TE and throwing the ball to him in the red zone.

Speaking of Mitch, he is laughing at the attention he has been getting lately and will 100% be back to school next year.   ESPN's Chad Ford now projects him as a first round draft pick.  I don't think there was much of a flight risk to the next level but it's great that has confirmed he will be back. 

"I haven’t even thought about (leaving),” he told after practice Tuesday at the Crisler Center. “I don’t have a decision to make -- I’m coming back.”

Is he 100 percent sure?

“Yeah,” he said with a laugh. “I’m coming back.”


d_ronii said...

I want to see if Cleary has a big arm or not. Hopefully we can see some deep passes in the spring scrimmage.

Bob said...

He should get a ton of snaps, so lets hope he airs it out a bit.

Scott K said...

It is disappointing that Michigan Football allows this to happen.... I was shocked that there wasn't a true #2 QB ready to play last year when Denard went down in the NE game. Knowing he's going to be running and taking hits..... Gardner could have been getting time at WR while also ready to back up at QB... Instead we THROW a true freshman to the wolves... Now, 6 months later, same situation. At least we have 4 months to groom a back up. How does this happen in a program the quality of U of M??

Bob said...

I think you know how I feel about Big Al and the blame has to lie with him. Hoke is all about Defense and if Big Al said, I need a QB in this class, they would have gotten him one.

Scott K said...

I'm not a fan of Big Al either, in fact I was amazed at how he single handedly made the most electric athlete in college football look mediocre..... Sorry Denard!
I will say, Brady's the HC, it falls on him. RR was an offensive guy and figured hiring a defensive 'genius' in Greg Robinson would be enough.... RR was HC, not offensive coordinator... Brady is HC and not defensive coordinator.