Thursday, July 25, 2019

Michigan Thursday: Free Taylor Lewan

Former Michigan OT and current Titans OT Taylor Lewan is facing a 4 game suspension for PED use.  Taylor denies taking any banned substances. 

"I just wanted to make it clear to them that I didn’t take anything knowingly,”. Lewan said regarding his message to his teammates. “I know what the policy is and I know people will have their split opinions on it, but I’ve never done anything knowingly that would cheat the game. I’m getting all my supplements tested right now and doing all that but for the most part what I said in the video is true.”

Taylor as we know is an "excitable" person and likes to live a bit dangerously.   He famously push or hit an OSU fan after a Michigan loss in Ann Arbor while he was still a student.  He is also a common guest at the NHL Nashville Predators slamming beers and having a good time with his teammates.  Taylor in the NFL as been a very good Pro Bowl OT and is really the key to the Titans offensive line.  
Taylor denies taking anything knowingly but that won't matter if his B sample shows the same banned substance.

We wish him good luck, but its highly probably he is going to miss some games to start the season.  The expectation is that Taylor will appeal any suspension.


Cormac said...

A former teammate of Lewan's, Bernard Pollard, said that you're a multi-million dollar athlete and you don't know what the freak you are putting into your body?

szanreno said...

They all use the term "knowingly" now.