Thursday, August 8, 2019

Michigan Thursday: Bazarro World

The day I submit a post on how we haven't heard anything about Fall Camp and that we are clearly in a Submarine, all the coaches talk and information flows out.   If the opposite if going to happen, I going to predict Michigan loses every game on Saturday morning!  :)

Here is a re-cap from the things I've read:

  • Defense is ahead of the offense at this point.   This is not a surprise in early August or even early in a season. 

  • The entire LB group is very deep 

  • Pretty much confirmed Ambry Thomas had Mono (called it a un-specified illness) is gaining weight and working his way back to football shape. 

  • Vincent Gray is ready across the field from Hill if Thomas isn't ready when the season begins. 

  • Dax Hill is a great athlete and working his way through the bridge program and football.  We may see a larger impact later in the year.  Mettilus, Woods, and Hawkins are doing well at the Safety position.  
  • Josh Gattis said that RB is the deepest position on offense.  That answer surprised me, but he might be right.  He said all 5 guys will play.  Which got me thinking which 5 is he talking about?  It's Wilson, Turner, Charbonnet, Haskins, and VanSumeren.   The FB might be gone from the playbook but a big powerful back isn't.  Also how is Ben Mason not going to get a few carries as well?

  • I'm not buying the dual QB situation. Lets just hope Michigan has some 2nd half leads that those guys can get plenty of reps. 

  • Michigan is going to attack the loss on the D-Line with depth.  Knock on wood but Luigi Villain has made it through the Spring and Fall Practice so far 100% healthy. 

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Cormac said...

5 RBs? No Ben Mason? I always thought the whole #speedinspace thing without Ben Mason at fullback was a joke. It was going too far in one direction and forgetting some of the good things about Michigan's offense. He was one of Michigan's most effective weapons last year.

Dual QBs? I could see them playing in the same game. That happens all the time. But if Jimmy means to play them at the same time, that's a joke and a recipe for disaster.