Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: We Are In A Submarine

When Jimmy got to Michigan for his first Fall Camp, he was quoted as saying this:

"Just to let you know, we're going into a submarine (Friday), and you won't see us for a while," Harbaugh declared Thursday afternoon on the eve of Michigan's first 2015 fall camp practice. "You won't hear from us. You won't see us. We'll be working. "We'll be in a bunker ... until we decide we're not."
He changed his stance on this a couple of times, letting reporters watch practice, having position coaches doing press conferences, etc.   Fall Camp is still early on but there is little to no information leaking from Fall Camp.  The best we got was true freshman Quintel Kent is going to miss this season and career maybe over after some type of medical condition was discovered.   Wait, I forgot we also got the new roster with new weights.   That's it. 

In fact, this was the last picture taken of the team:

I believe Harbaugh has brought the Sub back and didn't tell the media about it.   The players and coaches signed off social media and everyone seems to be focused on football.    The sub is a good thing and I hope they are focused to make a run this year and beat that damn team from Ohio. 

24/7 is starving for content and just re-writing stories from the Big Ten Kickoff Meeting in Chicago a couple weeks ago.  

  • Special Shout Out Today to reader Jon O. who sends me helpful reminders on updating the commit list!  Thanks again Jon!  

  • 2020 OL Andrew Gentry from Colorado is planning to take his Mormon mission after he graduates. Whichever school he chooses will have to be there in 2022 when he is ready to play football.   

  • If Kent is a complete loss and takes a medical, Michigan will have an extra spot in the 2020 class.  Which could open the door to instate 4 star WR Maliq Carr. 

  • Checking in on 24/7 recruiting rankings for the 2020 class:  The Spartans have the 53rd ranked and getting out recruited by IU and Tulane.   Nebraska is Ranked #62, USC #58, and UCLA #68. 


Brady2017 said...

It's always a good topic to discuss the best uniforms in the country! I say we need to go back to the maize colored pants with the white away jersey.

Mike Tebbe said...

Taking about class size are we at the 85 ship limit? My list has 89... 4 more need to go... Just trying to confirm my list