Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Takes The Bullets

Jimmy took the stage for his regular Monday noon time slot.  He took the blame for the Wolverines performance:

“Watching the film, I think, it was pretty obvious to everyone watching in the entire football world, really A to Z, it wasn’t good,” Harbaugh said. “Wasn’t good, wasn’t good enough. Not acceptable. It starts, really, it with it’s not acceptable for me. So you start self-critical and determined to get it fixed. That speaks for me and everybody on our team — players and coaches.
“That was not a day we’re proud of.”
How do your fix it?
“Starts with — really we didn’t play physical enough,” Harbaugh said. “We were out-hustled. I put that, I take responsibility for that. In any ways that we were out-schemed, also take responsibility for that. That’s my job to make sure we’re completely sound in all offenses, defenses, everything that we’re running.
“How I manage the team, to get them to play hard, play tough. As I said, A to Z, you can point to, it wasn’t good enough. We all take responsibility for that, we’ve all got our fingerprints on it. Determined to get it fixed is where we’re at right now.
“I could go into all the details, but really gonna — that’s every single detail. The same for our team. We’ll talk about it. Already have as a coaching staff, what our plans are and ways we’re determined to make it — to see the improvement. Confident that we’ll rally and get that done.”
Rutgers is coming to town this week and how will Michigan rebound?
“Maybe learned it here playing or reinforced it along the way, but the only way I know is to go back to work and dedicate yourself to improvement and fixing,” Harbaugh said. “That was a bad day, it was not a banner day for Michigan. You don’t want that to turn into two losses — don’t want one loss to turn into two.
“Everything we’re gonna be, this is this game. This is the most important game. This week, the most important week. Win the next game. You come back to work and make darn sure it doesn’t happen again.”
He of course said everything we expected him to say.  The proof will be in the product the Wolverines put on the field.   The only way to start climbing that Wisconsin performance back is putting a basketball score on the Knights.  
  • McCaffrey is doubtful but getting better.  Which means "out" in Jimmy speak. 
  • TE Sean McKeon is also doubtful
  • Dwumfour is practicing and should be ready to play.   His loss is sorely missed at this point. 
  • Tru Wilson could be back and Zach only missed one practice last week and will be ready to play. 
  • Milton will be the #2 QB and Shea #1 (I don't believe Shea is healthy either, he took a ton of shots against Wisconsin). 


Goose said...

A beat down of Rutgers means nothing. You must be competitive against teams with similar talent.

szanreno said...

That is true. It will be hard to get excited even if we hang 50 on them. God forbid if it's close....

MichiganMan said...

I feel everyone's pain...I have been a Michigan fan for a long time...it feels lot better when you accept the truth. And the truth of the matter is we are not that good.....I expect whoever is our coach is going to be we can muster out 10 wins at most....so from now on only expect Michigan to win 7-10 games a year....I know you guys may not like this how about we bring back "DJ Dunkin Dount"!!! He was a good defensive coordinator and our scores were lot closer with OSU......let me what you guys think about this move...Should the football world give DJ another chance?

Goose said...

DJ prolly needs to rehab as an analyst at alabama like every other troubled coach does.

Voice of Reason said...

Interesting! Let me say this, that when Harbaugh stood up in front of the media and took the blame for everything that went wrong you can bet that he knew as well as his staff and players that it was a dog whistle for saying to the coaches, "I am not calling you out specifically in the media, but know that YOU 'f-ed' up...and that YOU better get your sh-t together!" In this age of pre-madonnas with egos and super egos on your staff it won't take much to hurt their pride and to have them go coach for your most hated rivals.

We should know that Gattis was given the keys to the "entire Offense" and that Brown has the keys to the "entire Defense." Gattis made it clear from the very beginning that Harbaugh gave him complete control and wasn't going to interfere. So when the offense screws up, why are we looking at Harbaugh? If the veteran O-Line is not blocking well, then why aren't folks looking at the coaches responsible for those units? Where Harbaugh made his mistake was giving his entire offense to someone who has never even called a game before (he made recommendations there's a big difference), so I guess to some extent only because he's the head coach the sh-t stops with him but the truth is that Gattis is learning as he goes along and he should have been the one to stand in front of the media and own his offense's poor performance like a man. Don't depend upon your head coach to cover for you. THAT is why I said yesterday, that this would be a transitional year but I would be glad to be wrong.

Brown is a far better DC than DJ ever was, and it was the experience of the players that was the reason why his defense did as well as it did under Durkin. DJ was a friggen joke, his players didn't like him at Michigan, Stanford or Maryland. He wasn't a good coach and he was fired from football in his first gig because he was a jackass...give me a break. Moreover, Greg Mattison (2011-14) was the one that originally pulled that defense together and got it respectable when it was a disaster under Greg Robinson. DJ will likely never coach in D-1 football again. Anyone who is recommending him should do their homework first. Plus, I doubt if all of the dirt has come out on what went on at Maryland.

Nevertheless, Brown needs to update his defense, he is still a very good DC, but he is not a HC, they are two different skill sets. We will obviously see how things turn on during this season. IMHO!!!

End of Chapter 2

MichiganMan said...

Good intake "Voice I write too much"....much love!!

Captain Froglipps said...

Appreciate the other comments... except "wait till next year", we will see improvement... next year could be easily worse or (same old, same old)...

This is been going on for twelve years, and no end in sight... to Voice of reason (very respectable and well thought out comments)...when Ohio State rolls over us like a road grader, then think about the prospect of next year; when Ohio State gets a top 3 recruiting class, and their QB is even more of a terror.

It's akin to an abused housewife, that the husband said he will stop "hitting her"..."honey"....it's only going to stop if you leave. Things won't change for awhile until we have a new regime. (anywhere from 3 to 10 years.

Harbaugh's words are meaningless after almost 5 years, like a duck farting under water... all you get is bubbles.

Cmfgoblue said...

Im not sure that DJ should get another shot at coaching..maybe somewhere else but my son would never play for him... cant imagine who would allow that as a parent.... only beating osu and msu would fix Saturday... no chance of beating osu...50/50 for msu right now.... cant not understand the patients of the fans that dont feel like Harbaugh should go.... they must be the same people that believe in participation trophys....do you guys reset the Xbox when you lose as well? This team is a nightmare... Harbaugh is no where near what we expected... you guys.... come on show some self respect and stop being ok with waiting