Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Nooners

Jimmy has said in the past, that his football sensibilities are that football should be played in the afternoon and specifically at noon.  Bo felt the same way, he was quoted as saying, we are playing football at 1:00, if you want to bring your cameras down to film it, you can.

The power in scheduling the kickoff time of college football games have shifted from the AD and head coach to the networks.  BTN, ABC, Fox, and ESPN put millions of dollars in the pockets of Big Ten teams and now control kickoff times.  Hell, David Brandon even said recently that ESPN paid for the permanent lights at the Big House.  I don't trust anything that David Brandon has to say.

I think a majority of the Michigan fan base would agree with Bo and Jimmy that noon, then 3:30 are the best time slots.  In fact, the Wisconsin game this weekend will actually start at 11:00AM locally.  Fox has actually helped this effort by highlighting noon games to kick off your Saturday.

Rutgers is now a noon game, Maryland, and Iowa are also scheduled for 12:00 kick offs.  Ohio State will of course be at noon and MSU will for sure be targeted at noon or 3:30 depending on the network.   That leaves the ND game and I'm willing to bet that turns into a primetime game.  If your interested in doing a little scouting and hopefully be in a good mood after the Wisconsin game, ND plays at Georgia this weekend on CBS 8:00.  Illinois and Penn State game kickoffs are still TBD and you might expect Penn State could be a night game as well.

  • Quinton Johnson had a tweet about coming back, which assumes he maybe injured. 

  • Speaking of injuries Jimmy didn't really speak to who and who isn't playing in his regular brief press conference.  I'm hearing DPJ is still questionable and Jon Runyan is expected to play.  Dwumfour is probably out but will try to play. 


Tim said...

Thanks Bob for the rundown.

What about Jeter? Is he expected to play?

Cormac said...

The best way to find out who is playing for Michigan is to see who is in uniform and comes out for the kickoff and subsequent snaps. Harbaugh has never been too forthcoming about who is injured and to what extent those players are injured.

Goose said...


I found this article about 5 years ago & it's the truest description of Harbaugh I've ever read. I hope the link works, if not just google congratulations on your new Harbaugh.

Cormac said...


>Your Harbaugh will guard his practices like North Korea guards its missile program.

Ain't that the truth!