Friday, September 20, 2019

Wisconsin Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Camp Randall
Weather: 72 - 80% rain
TV: Fox
Line: Wisc -3.5

In my heart, I believe Michigan is the better team.  The Wolverines beat Wisconsin at home 38-13 last October.  In my head, I wonder 2 things:  First, when was the last time Michigan played a good football game?    Secondly,  when has Michigan last played well on the road?

Michigan beat #14 ranked Penn State in the Big House on November 3, 2018 42-7.  For the road win, it was probably the MSU win the week before the Penn State game.   Michigan hasn't played a good football game in 11 months.   That is a bit scary.

Tale of the Tape

RB = Wisconsin
O Line = Push
Ball Security = Wisconsin
Defense = Michigan
Skill Positions = Michigan
Intangibles = Wisconsin
Coaching = Push

It's clear why Jimmy and Paul Chryst are good friends.   Both coaches would love to run the ball on 1st and 2nd downs and pass on 3rd.   Win a bunch of 17-7 games with a great running game and a stout defense.  Jimmy even hired the former Wisconsin S&C Coach to make his team stronger and faster.  So both coaches feel good about their game plans as it's like preparing to play themselves.

Wisconsin is not going to fool anyone, they are going to run with the best RB in the country Jonathan Taylor and if you stop him, they will attempt a pass.   Their defense has yet to give up a point but their opponents have been poor and the reason I give Don Brown a bit of an edge here.

Sing "This is how we do it".....if...………….
  • Michigan's offense is really speed in space 
  • Michigan's offense has zero turnovers
  • Shea wakes up and plays a good game  
  • The defense can keep Taylor under 100 yards
  • Michigan gets some healthy players back 
  • The road woes don't continue 
Yell, Damn this could be a long f'ing season if:
  • Michigan's offense continues to be a negative 
  • Wisconsin is + in turnovers 
  • Taylor is finding gaps and gaining yards
  • Don Brown has his yearly "head scratching" game 
  • Wisconsin is as strong as the first two weeks looked 
Michigan has 2 keys to win.   1 - Shea Patterson has to have a great game, protect the ball, and hit open WR's quickly.    2- Defense has to stop Taylor and make Wisconsin pass.   

Both teams will try to stop the run and will have a good shot to do it.   Which means it comes down to Shea Patterson vs. Jack Coan which sounds like the Match Play Championship at your Country Club.  Shea has played in big games and should have the advantage even though Jack is playing his home course.   We will see.  

Michigan is a mystery, they are talented, have good coaching but have barley gotten passing grades through 2 games.  Wisconsin has run over two cupcakes through 2 weeks.   Both teams are coming off a bye week.   I still believe Michigan is the better team but having to research the last time they played well is very depressing.  Wisconsin is at home and should be favored, they should be used to the 11:00 AM local kick. 

Wisconsin 20 Michigan 14   


Scott K said...

playing well on the road.... it's like waiting for rain.
every day that passes without rain improves the odds of rain happening.

There has to be a time when we come out of the tunnel, as visitors, and play a game the way we are capable of playing.

Michigan 24 Bucky Badger 16

EzmoB said...

Michigan 24, Wisconsin 21

Dvzk said...

Michigan 35 Wisconsin 21

Colleen said...

After going to the Army game, watching it twice at home. Michigan's offense is a work in progress. This game is away and early. No maize and blue cool-aid for me. Wisconsin 31 Michigan 17.

MichiganMan said...

End of Jim Harbaugh era Wisconsin 31 Michigan 17

dude1984 said...

Just don't fumble...8 fumbles, 5 lost through 2 games is effin' terrible. I have no clue what this offense can do because of the fumbles. Also, if Shea isn't going to run on the zone read when the run is there he shouldn't be in. The desire and ability to run is needed for this offense to work.

Defensively, load the box, slow down Davis, and their offense should be non-existent.

dude1984 said...

I mean Taylor not has been a long week.

Cmfgoblue said...

Will take a victory in the turnover battle and Qb has to make at least five big plays to win.... just cant see it... head pick is lose 26-20... heart pick pull it off 27-22 with a big catch from Nico to win it! Thrown by Dylan....

Cmfgoblue said...

Is this the worst D Line in the Firebaugh Era?

MichiganMan said...

Yes this is the worst defense ever they're playing Ben Mason haha

Docholliday said...

I'm ready to pull the plug. Let's get rid of Harbaugh and Don Brown. This is embarrassing.

Mike Tebbe said...

Harbaugh and all other coaches need to go..

Who can we get that can get us back to championship level?

JH makes 8M a year.... Top 5 paid coach.... Not even a top 20 team

We get top 10 recruits every year....

5th year of chances are over....

Goose said...


MichiganMan said...

I've been advocating firing of Jim Harbaugh for 2 years and all I got was nothing but backlashes I hope you guys really understand what I was talking about

MichiganMan said...

Don Brown knew they're going to run the football why not put 8 Man in the Box

Goose said...

Statement made!