Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Cleansing Rain

David Guralnick, Detnews
Rain can be a symbol of something bad.  It can ruin your day to the beach, a baseball game, your tee time, or picnic.  Rain was hard and strong on Saturday night in Ann Arbor.  If you were smart it was the perfect night to order in and watch Netflix.  If you are a Michigan fan, you put on your best rain gear and headed to the Big House to watch a football team that had rewarded your loyalty this year with two road loses and poor home performances against teams like Army and MTSU.   Heading out in that cold, wet, rain probably makes you wonder if your making the right sane decision.   You did.

The rain on Saturday night was not just a climate effect, it was a sign from Bo, President Ford, and other former great Wolverines looking down on the Big House, that they had enough.   They had enough losing to rivals, had enough with terrible game plans, had enough not being physical enough, and had enough with watching bad football.   The message was heard loud and clear the Wolverines played one of their best games in the Harbaugh Michigan era.

The cleansing rain, washed away all the issues of the past games and for 4 glorious hours things were right in the world again.

  • 300 yards on the ground 
  • HH could be more famous then Hugh Hefner with Michigan fans!
  • Don Brown's game plan was perfect
  • Keeping ND under 100 yards total offense for 3+ quarters
  • Not losing a fumble! 
  • Michigan fans for filling the wet Big House 
  • McGrone is a grown man!
  • Michigan's defensive line gets an A+
  • Michigan's offensive line gets an A+
  • Senior Stephen Spanellis playing until the whistle
  • Roughing the punter could have been a game changer, it wasn't 
  • Shea's left handed backwards throw, no thanks!
  • Big Ten officials are just awful
  • Mystery PI that led to a ND TD 
  • Final possession at half-time, just take a knee! 
Shea wasn't perfect in this game but he did keep the ball more.  In the 2nd half, he kept it too often looking to score a TD.  He struggled again with ball security but this time it didn't hurt the Wolverines.  

This was a great team win in terrible conditions and one Michigan fans can smile about for the next 14 years as these teams don't play again until 2033.   Michigan now needs to take care of business against Maryland, a down MSU, and a surprisingly good IU team before what looks to be the #1 ranked OSU Buckeyes come to town.


Goblu said...

Please try out Dylan at MD... he just seems a more complete qb

Chowman said...

Man not sure if Don Brown was saving this game plan for ND, or if he finally had enough of the criticism or Jim finally demanded he play more zone, but that was great. Totally baffled Ian Book. Those early crossing routes were swarmed under. If they can continue to mix things up, then maybe we have once less thing to worry about. And you gotta love Brian Kelly's constipation face. Almost as good as Mac Dantoni!

Offensively that was the best the OL has looked all year. Whether ND's front 7 are just Meh or not, they still handled their business.

If there's anything to complain about it would be Shea's left handed pass OB. WTF was that. Why does the guy have the need to make at least 1 bone head play every game? And also, DPJ in punt returns. Just gave up too much field position by allowing punts to hit the turf. Fair catch it man!

Captain Froglipps said...

Quite satisfying... Harbaugh needed it, the team needed the victory, the fans especially relished the victory, and nothing like thrashing Notre Dame (undefeated and ranked 6th).

"Man Ball" saved us, Harbaugh always said that the team was about to turn the corner.

As in any game, luck will help... the fumbles did not hurt us ... and radio announcers said that quite a few times Notre Dame wide receivers were uncovered, but luckily the ball was off target.

This squelches all talk of Harbaugh being forced out, and maybe "home grown" talent will be our salvation in the future. Now Notre Dame goes into hiding for 13 or so years...

This game surprised me, but oh so glad I am wrong... although I was with "Michigan Man", and had a good feeling also about this game... Did not post, because tiling walls.

Goblu said...

With OK losing, maybe Mich “bucknutt” Man will stay quiet about Riley.

Big35Hurt said...

The Michigan Run Defense has been much much much more gap sound since the Wisconsin game. I threw the coaching staff under the bus big time after that game, so I guess it's only right for me to give them an atta boy for fixing the problem. Our Offensive Line played a great game against ND. Keep up the good work fellas. I can't wait to lay the wood to Little Bro in 2'll be fun to compare the miserable facial expressions of Kelly vs D'Antonio. LOL GO BLUE!!! Let's hope things are turning around for good.