Saturday, October 19, 2019

Not Good Enough

Not being good enough seems to be this teams identity.  They just don't have anything that they are elite at.  Tonight was a good example, as this might have been Michigan's most complete game.   Shea definitely played his best game of the year and it wasn't good enough.

If you are going to win on the road against a top 10 team, you can't have miss steps.   Michigan had plenty tonight and even some missed calls by the below average Big Ten officials.

The one position I thought Michigan was going to be Elite at was WR, they are not.  I even got into a twitter argument in August whether Michigan or Alabama had the best WR's in the country.  What a fool I am.  You have to be able to catch the damn ball, yes Ronnie's drop was the difference in the game but how about the 4 or 5 drops in the first half?

Yes, Michigan didn't give up and had a chance to tie the game up but they didn't. Anytime Michigan gets an important 3 and out, Hill tackles a WR, or Nico pushes off on a deep ball, or Don Brown has a safety covering one of the fastest players in the country.   You can't beat good teams by making dumb mistakes.   Those are all dumb mistakes.

Michigan had 417 total yards to Penn State's 283, still wasn't good enough

Michigan ran for 141 yards against the #2 rushing defense in the country, still wasn't good enough.

Michigan held the ball for 37:45 to PSU 22:15, still wasn't good enough.

Gattis had some good play calls, but some questionable runs on 3rd down, not good enough.

Don Brown ran some zone and his unit played well in the 2nd half, still not good enough.

Shea played well and made good decisions but still threw a bad pick, not good enough.

You can't get down 21 points to a top 10 team on the road and think your going to win, not good enough.

When the lights are the brightest Harbaugh continues to be not good enough.

Good thing we have another top 10 team to play next weekend.  Michigan AD, not good enough.


Unknown said...

Well it has been after 5 years
harbaugh is not the answer
he seems so removed from the day to day operation
it makes one wonder he no longer has the fire in his belly.
After five years he has lost the confidence of his coaching staff
per Mattson leaving, plus others
The same situation happened in san fran.
Harbaugh has his golden Paraachutte , plus leaving michigan in a mess.


MichiganMan said...

Why the hell are the safeties covering KJ for that dumbass move fire Dam Brown

MichiganMan said...

They should have put Daxton Hill or Ambry Thomas on KJ

dude1984 said...

Penn State 28- Michigan 21…
Looking at the team stats without a score you’d think Michigan crushed them.
Matchup Michigan Penn State
1st Downs 26 14
3rd down efficiency 7-17 4-13
4th down efficiency 2-4 0-0
Total Yards 417 283
Passing 276 182
Comp-Att 24-41 14-25
Yards per pass 6.7 7.3
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Rushing 141 101
Rushing Attempts 41 29
Yards per rush 3.4 3.5
Penalties 8-48 5-58
Turnovers 1 0
Fumbles lost 0 0
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Possession 37:45 22:15

That’s a huge positive considering it was a road game in a tough environment against a Top 10 team.

The negative…another flat start and an interception that IMO is the difference in the game.

Positive.. I think they found their offense. It’s power football out of shotgun formations with a focus on downhill running, QB draws, and a focus on the short passing game.

The negative…they messed up the ratio of run to pass and the type of run which led to way too many wasted drives. I think it should be 60-40 in favor of pass. With the running game there weren’t enough designed QB runs called.

Positive…defense did a great job of holding PSU back for large chunks of the game. McGrone has All-American potential and Dax Hill should be on the field more often. At the very least get him out there on passing downs.

The negative…the defense had a few breakdowns largely because of a personnel mismatch. If they put Dax Hill or a legit CB on Hamlin instead of the relatively slow safety on Hamlin and it’s a different story.

Overall…it sucks they’re out of the running for a Big 10 championship, but there are some pieces that get me excited about the future. With this being the last of their tough road games, if they play and play call like this (with some personnel changes against ND and tOSU) I could see them winning out. One more loss, I’d like to see the other QBs get some playing time to season them for the future.

Unknown said...

with this coaching staff and overrated recruiting MICHIGAN will never be good enough. time for a younger hungry coach who understands modern football.

MichiganMan said...

Time to start advocating for Lincoln Riley

MichiganMan said...

There's absolutely nothing good came out of this game a loss is a loss we were just not good enough

Captain Froglipps said...

To Scott K. form the Arm-chair general...

You were right, they played like warriors, and never gave up... I was too pessimistic (along with others)...this time the receivers let down Patterson (will it ever end).

Appreciate a previous comment from Michigan Man, I thought I was alone when they fired Rich Rod prematurely after only three years.

California passed a law that players can earn money for their name-sake...I just found out that others States are doing the same. If NCAA loses out, then College football will never be the same.

Mark my words (you heard it first here)... when players are recruited: 50% of the interview time will be about a list of sponsors, and how much can they make... trust me > will happen... and if it does I'm outa here! (like Shania Twain)

szanreno said...

I'm with ya froggy.

szanreno said...

Lincoln Riley ain't coming. Get off it!

Goose said... was closer than I thought I would be.

Harbaugh has been out coached by everyone in the big 10 except lovi and anyone who coaches Rutgers.

Lincoln still isn't coming to AA. Michigan man is still delusional about it.

I still have to go to work monday. & jimmy still cant see himself as part of the problem. It's the officials this time.

Time marches on......

MichiganMan said...

Why is Don Brown still a defensive coordinator.... Greg Mattson has the last laugh..... how can Don Brown put two of the slowest safeties in the country on KJ hamler.... why didn't Jimmy go to Don Brown and fix the situation himself

szanreno said...

MichiganMan please change your screen name to OSUMan. It's too obvious...

Dvzk said...

Hahahaha Osu man what a fake empty headed bum. He let out his true colors the other day(Scarlett and grey) when he blew up over a factual statement of their once glorious back up Qb who failed at what he really went to the buttguys to do which was make the NFL. Michiganman is a diarrhea fart personified.

MichiganMan said...

Please no children write on this blog.... please

szanreno said...

I want to believe that we're close. during a Harbaugh tenure we've only been blown out about four times. Ohio state twice, Penn State once and probably the peach bowl last year when nobody wanted to play. Almost all the other games with a break here and there we could have won. During the Rich rod and Hoke eras there were many many times even perhaps seasons where I thought we didn't have a chance. Last night I wasn't so sure about having a chance but with a break here and there we coulduld have won that game. Harbaugh is not to blame for everything that goes on on the field. Yes some things are coaching but some things are needing to perform when the moment arrives. He's not going anywhere unless he resigns and I don't want him to go anywhere. I want to see how this thing plays out.

Goose said...

Great points sz regarding the manner in which we are losing. I do remember watching games against very average teams that Michigan wasnt even close to winning during the hoke & RR years. Maybe theres hope in a " not as bad looking lose" I'm not sure. What I do know is. If you want to not enjoy college football any longer become a michigan fan. It's an exercise in frustration with no end in sight.

Dvzk said...

@michiganman the only child here is you.You're a lying Ohio apologists. I've never known a serious Michigan fan to say anything complementary of the buttguys.i was born and raised a Mike from the big house and I can spot a childish buttguy troll from a mile away.
Get lost you fake garbage no life looser,if my team (MICHIGAN) was rolling and on the way to a playoff spot I wouldn't be on a buttguy forum plying hide and seek like a moron (YOU). SO GET LOST

Goose said...

Cant help but notice the gophers are ahead of Michigan in the ap. A team, I might add that has half the talent and a coach that comes at half the price. PJ Fleck is looking better & better. Just my opinion.

MichiganMan said...

No comment little boy....Our team is garbage only delusional fans will think otherwise....real fan of football would admit when team is garbage and when the team is playing well...right now we are not....!!

Goose I wouldn't be surprise if Harbaugh leaves, and PJ becomes our next head coach.....

szanreno said...

As well they should. Look at their schedule. I believe it's South Dakota State is the only one with a winning record.

High Sierra Howard said...

They played better than you predicted yet you still rag on them? Maybe you should find a different team to follow.

Mark said...

What amazes me, is that MichiganMan (aka BuckeyeMan) still cares enough about the Wolverines to troll their message board. Move on, dude. We must have really gotten under your skin in the '90s.

Dvzk said...

Well said Mark

MichiganMan said...

Delusional fans yep we are winning the championship this year guys...