Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: Jimmy Still Getting Paid

The USA Today and Football Scoop both came out with stories about Jim Harbaugh on Tuesday.  The USA Today did their annual top coaching salaries and Football Scoop was saying that Jimmy is considering his exit options.   Insiders don't believe the Football scoop story which is contradicted by the USA Today salary list for sure.

Here are the top 5 coaches salaries:

1 - Dabo 9.3M
2- Saban 8.8M
3- Jimmy 7.5M
4- Dabo 7.5M
5- Kirby 6.8M

Here are some interesting ones.

Can anyone guess who is #8 on the list?

It's Jeff Brohm at Purdue at $6.6M, who makes $300K more a year then Lincoln Riley.    I guess that Louisville job did pay off for Jeff.

Where does MSU's Mark Dantonio sit? #24 at $4.4M

What about Ryan Day?   He makes $4.5M at #22 but has a $18M+ buyout

Who is the lowest paid head coach in the Big Ten? Indiana's Tom Allen at $1.8M coming in at #71.  I wonder if Tom's agent is making a few calls to IU's AD today.

Holey Buyouts Batman!! (as 12/1/19)

  • Dabo $50M
  • Saban $34M
  • Jimmy $11M
  • Jimbo $60M
  • Malzahn $27M
  • Riley $21M
  • Frost $20M
  • Taggert $17.7M
  • Dantonio $7M
Is Jimmy Jones going to pay Oklahoma $21M for Lincoln Riley?  

  • As we know, Shea said that a Penn State player had a finger in his eye during that TD QB sneak. “I’ve never been in a pile as violent as that one. Got the touchdown, but that wasn’t fun. Kid had his index finger in my eye socket for like 10 seconds. That wasn’t good”

  • ESPN's Bill Connelly has Michigan 28 ND 24 final on Saturday.  


Go Blue Al said...

So sad to look on here and see all the Monday morning quarterbacks that think they know what is going on inside of the football program! Leave the kids and coaches alone. I am a fan and yes I do get frustrated when we lose but man up people! Leave the kids and coaches alone. Let them do their job. Remember the players are just kids!!!!!!!

Unknown said...
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szanreno said...

Way to go unknown. Paul Finebaum from the SEC said Michigan's attachment to Harbaugh is sickening. Former student, former athlete, I call it loyalty. I can't think of a coach who is more loyal to his team.

Cormac said...

Anything that Petey says, I immediately flush it down the toilet. Too bad that Petey can't be flushed down too! I wonder if he would say the same thing about Lord Satan, I mean, Lord Saban!?