Monday, September 21, 2020

Michigan Monday: The Big Ten's Transparency

How many times on this blog did I say, please don't send Michigan on the road to start the season against a difficult opponent?  Michigan has had 3 schedules this year, 1st one was on the road against Washington, 2nd one was home against Purdue, and now Michigan opens against the ranked (in the pre-season) Minnesota Gophers on the road to start the season.  A trophy game to kickoff the season?  

A Mgoblog poster put it perfectly.   The Big Ten is all about money, put Michigan in difficult games because the Wolverines always pull a huge TV number (Even MSU/OSU fans love to watch Michigan lose and tune in) and give OSU an easy path to the Playoffs.  Both situation, drives millions of dollars to all the Big Ten institutions. 

For example:  Michigan's cross over games are against Minnesota and Wisconsin, both teams were ranked in the pre-season.  OSU cross overs are against Nebraska and Illinois.   

If you wondering if this is all Bull Sh*T:  Nebraska sues the Big Ten and starts the season in Columbus,  hosts Wisconsin, travels to Northwestern, and then hosts Penn State in the first month of the season.   I heard the Big Ten tried to schedule a Nebraska vs. KC Chiefs game but they were booked.  

The Big Ten office does what the Big Ten office wants.  You don't see the SEC, ACC, or Big 12 treat their brand names schools like this.   It's 100% BS! 

Now to be fair,  to the money hungry Big Ten Offices:  Michigan was always scheduled to play Minnesota on the road and Wisconsin at home.   They also did fix the MSU game having the Spartans play Michigan at home for 2 years in a row, fixing the Brandon F-Up.   Michigan's Big Ten schedule was always going to be difficult, it would have been great to open against MSU or Maryland at home to start the season.

Talk about no day offs:

October 24th: @ Minnesota
October 31st: Michigan State
November 7th: @ Indiana
November 14th: Wisconsin
November 21st: @ Rutgers
November 28th: Penn State
December 5th: Maryland
December 12th: @ Ohio State

  • Great news that Jalen Mayfield has elected to opt back in!  Today is the last day for add/drop classes so it will be interesting to see if Nico and/or Ambry do the same.   Nico might have been enrolled in classes but I'm pretty sure Ambry was not.  

  • Casey Phinney de-committed and committed to BC over the weekend.  Michigan recruited Casey because they wanted his best friend 4 star OG Drew Kendall.  Drew hasn't announced yet but is also going to BC, so it didn't make sense for Michigan to take the 3 star LB.  Good Luck to him as BC is a much better fit.   Rocco's long decision seems to have cost Michigan 3 recruits: Rocco, Drew, and Casey.   


Chowman said...

Either run with the big dawgs or stay on the porch. As UoM fans, we need to stop the whining and expect more out of our program. If we can't open up on the road and beat a ranked opponent then maybe the program isn't that good. Maybe we've lived too long in the past and need to face the reality that we need to get better. Enough fluff pieces in the press about Joe Milton being the next September (excuse me October this year) Heisman winner! Enough crowing about "RECRUITING" and then getting blasted by the Bucks! Time to either become a real contender or admit we're just pretenders. Enough with the excuses, and just strap on the helmet and go win some games and shut up while doing it!

Cmfgoblue said...

Good stuff! Pisses me off that people think this is a tough schedule... Minnesota... good lord... No Way we lose to them or Msu, or Indiana, Maryland, Rutgers...all teams that should be beaten by 21 points.... at home we as a fan base should never expect a loss at home to ANYONE other than Osu... and that should never happen twice in a row, ALL Michigan teams are suppose to be feared... this has never been the case in over 20 years... the schedule is a very fun one for us all and we will enjoy it... no matter what it is set up for success under any normal Michigan team... we have far and away talent against all teams in our conference other than you know who... Penn st, Wisconsin... should never be compared to us and it is very possible to regain that status... should be 6 wins this year without a doubt with a wonderful chance for 7 wins.... setting up a nice team for next year.... MINNESOTA!!! What a joke.... that should be as easy as fly out to center and tag up for the win.... tired of weakness... go get mad and kick some ass now please!! Go BLUE

MichiganMan said...

I welcome both of you to my cheap boat...I have been saying this all along...we are just average at best....cmfgoblue next time you calm down with your tone...this is room doesn't tolerate young blood like yourself and running toilet bowl mouth....let people express their opinion and you can too my young buck...5-3, after I found out Joe Montana, oops Joe Milton is starting....strap on to your jockstraps is going to be be bumpy ride to the end...why is Don Brown still coaching...Y even play football...people are dying and getting sick...Bob as for you my blood, stop with the little boy whining about how our schedule is too tough....maybe you should call Jimmy and have him schedule High School teams....

Cmfgoblue said...

Calm?.... This is Football... When was Bo ever calm? Anyone is welcome to say whatever they want... good luck to them.... you may have a point Michigan Man, About Milton, 5-3 may very well happen but I really feel like 6-2... losses against Wisconsin and Osu would be my specific prediction... I wish there was a plausible explanation for Don Brown... Recruiting? Personality? Has the game passed him by? Is it even possible in your 60s to some how find your way and put together a game plan to beat a certain scheme if you have not found the answer over the last 40 years? His presence does not make any logical sense, no one truly feels in their heart that he is capable of a long lasting championship run... so why is he here? Defies logic in every way, some organizations are involved in sports to win... I am not sure that we are one of those, it is very much about sell sell sell, beat MSU to stay in top 25 and sell more tickets, more 15 dollar nachos and more 25 dollar t shirts... more tv deals.... Notre Dame, Osu, Psu, Bama, LSU, USC, Oklahoma, Florida... these are examples of the programs that are truly trying to win and sell everything in site

Unknown said...

There are TWO aspects of this story. I'm glad BigHouseBlog addressed them:

1) The most important is Michigan's perspective. Yes this is a difficult schedule - 2nd only to Nebraska's. However, this is an ADVANTAGE if you want Michigan to regain its rightful place in the contention of a national championship. We have 11 - and we need to start winning MORE. Minnesota on the road. A reasonably tough game....but do you think Clemson or Alabama or Oklahoma or Georgia or LSU or Ohio State would consider a road game against Minnesota a serious road block? No, they wouldn't. Michigan should go to Minneapolis and kick Gopher ass. If we don't, we are not that good.
Wisconsin and Penn State are at home and well spread out amongst easier teams to be healthy for those games. If Michigan wants to be a top program, we need to go into Columbus undefeated.

2) The second and less important perspective if from the Big Ten Conference perspective. The conference wanted to first assist Ohio State in getting into the playoff, second penalize Nebraska for the lawsuit, and 3rd irritate their least favorite team - Michigan. So, Ohio State gets an extremely favorable schedule with difficult games nicely separated and Nebraska gets hosed by an egregiously difficult schedule. The fact that someone in the B1G didn't catch that strength of schedule disparity is a joke - and clearly reveals intention. Michigan: Dan Capron and John O'Neal were probably involved in making sure Michigan didn't get a favorable schedule and so we have the 2nd toughest cross division schedule.

So, what I say is TRUTH.....but still, if MICHIGAN wants to be big boys, we cannot be afraid of "row the boat". Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and OSU would DESTROY Minnesota. We need to as well.

Go Blue !!!

szanreno said...

Always good to hear a reasoned response rather than rant. Thanks unknown.