Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Well.... We're Waiting Big Ten

If you're too young to know who Judge Smails is, find a copy of Caddy Shack on the Internet and watch it.  

Reports seem to be trending positive that the Big Ten is coming back and announcement can come at any moment.   Nebraska's President even thought it would be Tuesday night, while having a private conversation on a hot mike.  

ESPN thinks the decision will be announced today.   I just hope Michigan doesn't start with some crazy difficult game, like a trip to Wisconsin or something.  Did I just jinx this?

Update: Big Ten Football is Back 10/23-24.  No Schedule yet 

Update #2:  SI is reporting that Nico will opt out and McCaffrey is looking at transfer options.  Can't we have good news for at least a damn hour?   With Nico out this should do it for Michigan's NFL eligible players.  Your not going to beat OSU with your best players not participating. 

Update #3:  Big Ten will play 8 games +1 game during Championship week, for example if your not in the Championship game, #3 vs. #4, etc.   Schedule will be out later this week. 

  • Seems from all reports that Joe Milton is QB1.  

  • I wonder what will happen with the guys that have opted out for the season if Michigan starts playing in a month?   My guess is they are gone and there really isn't a path back.  

  • Coach Warinner Tweeted out that Vastardis and Hayes have been working with the 1st team offensive line. 


Voice of Reason said...

The rumblings that I have been hearing from a few with their ear to the NFL ground is that the pro teams want to see the kids play this season before they draft them in the 2021 draft. That means those kids that opt-out of this 2020 season when they have an opportunity to play are likely (unless their notes as "All World") are taking a chance on being undrafted free agent signings or lower draft choices. That would be a shame. So when the NFL have seen the top kids from Alabama, Clemson, OSU, etc. play this season and performing well, why should they waste a high draft pick on a player that's been out for a year (maybe two years) and may have been decent or mediocre the last year they did play? IMHO!!!

MichiganMan said...

Guys no football this year please please be safe