Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Sammy to the Corner

We are a week an half away from football and we are clinging to any news coming out of Schembechler Hall.  Jimmy mentioned and Sam Webb confirmed that Sammy Faustin (Sam reports on Sammy!) has completely moved from Safety to Corner.   The news that Dax Hill had moved to corner has either changed or was false originally.   Dax will see coverage in the Nickel but the plan right now is for him to stay at Safety.   CB is the most concerning position group on the team.   Michigan also starts the year against the best WR in the Big Ten.   Someone wake up Don Brown and let him know to roll some coverage towards Bateman.  Anyone remember how he schemed up having our slowest LB cover Saquon Barkley in pass coverage?

  • 4 Star DT Rayshaun Benny has an announcement date October 25th.

  • Michigan Basketball practice starts today.  If they can get all their transfers on the floor, this could be a pretty good team.  

  • Michigan is targeting two FSU commits in LB Branden Jennings (who recently de-committed) and CB Omarion Cooper.

  • Dan Mullen, head coach of Florida after his loss at Texas A&M said he wanted 90,000 fans for his home game against LSU this weekend.  Since then he has had 19 positive tests in his program and had to shut down practice yesterday. 

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Scott K said...

Michigan Thursday, on Wednesday?
Bob, I'm eager for the weekend as much as anyone but you can't just go skipping days mid-week. Humpday none the less! LOL

Heading to camp this Friday, for the first time since July! Longest stretch since I bought the place three years ago. Camp misses me!