Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: I Hate When I'm Right

The Big Ten and the TV Networks did what they do and made the Michigan @ Minnesota a primetime game with a 7:30 kickoff on ABC.   To quote Michigan twitter super fan Scott Bell, "A road night game against a ranked opponent.  What could go wrong?"

I know some of you are thinking the following:

  • Damn it, another year with a week 1 loss 
  • If Michigan wants to regain their status in college football they are going to have to be comfortable playing at night on the road.  
  • At least there won't be any fans, maybe that will help?
  • Why does Michigan play so bad on the road at night?
  • Its a trophy game, will the Wolverines have greater focus?
  • The temperature is probably going to be in the 40's at kickoff. 
Those are just a few thoughts we all have on why the Wolverines are so bad on the road and at night.  Remember that horrific Iowa game a few years ago when Michigan was in the top 10?  Whatever the team does prior to night games on the road, they need to reverse is completely.   

  • Seems the NCAA is going to adopt the Harbaugh transfer rule of 1 transfer without penalty.  Should be approved in January.   Love or hate Jimmy but he is doing things to better college football players. 
  • Speaking of Jimmy, he said things on the radio:
-Sammy Faustin has moved from S to CB and competing for a starting job
-Dax maybe the best player on the team and seem will play S and Nickel 
-Dax and Brad Hawkins will be at Safety

“Dax may be our most talented player on the team, arguably,” Harbaugh said of the sophomore. “Very trusted. Good communicator in the backend. Really knows the safety position and also the nickel position — he’s really good playing both safety and covering in the nickel slot. Brad Hawkins, he’s playing his best football since he’s been around here.”

New Michigan coach with 3 first names (Brian Jean-Mary) was also on the radio and had this to say about Michael Barrett:

"Michael is a unique story. High school quarterback in one of the most storied areas in the country down there in Valdosta, Georgia. Everything with him defensively once he got here has been kind of new. Once you’ve been a high school quarterback, you’re the superstar, you’re probably not playing a lot of defense. He’s really taken to the challenge. He had a great mentor in Khaleke Hudson ahead of him. He’s probably the most experienced guy in the room, which obviously doesn’t say a lot for a guy who didn’t play a lot. But he’s been great. Started off a little slow, but the last two to three weeks, he’s probably been the best player we had whether it would be SAM or VIPER.
  • Shea Patterson and JT Barrett will play in some weird Spring Football league in San Antonio.  


Scott K said...

Michael Barrett..... sounds like a sniper.... rhymes with Viper....

MichiganMan said...

And he got his draft evaluated by Matt kiper.... When he was young he used to put on his own diaper... But he please the game very hyper....

Unknown said...

It's time for Michigan to take the next step.
Proof that Harbaugh and Michigan has done that will be to dominate Minnesota in all facets of the game next Saturday night.

If Michigan loses - or wins a close one, we will not be there. Do you think Clemson or Alabama would be worried about a night game in Minneapolis?

Goose said...

I'm guessing coach fleck will have his team ready to play a night game. No excuses get it done Wolverines!