Thursday, October 1, 2020

Michigan Thursday: That's Savage Man

One thing that I don't love about college football is a ton of stuff happens that we get no background on or reasons for it happening.   The latest news to fall into that camp is that true freshman LB Osman Savage has decided to leave Michigan and has entered the transfer portal.  He has been in the program since June/July and is already heading out the door.  

If you remember, Savage is from Biff Poggi's super high school team St. Frances out of Maryland.  That program has sent to Ann Arbor RB Corum, LB Hill-Green, and OL Mazzucca who didn't qualify and is now at Baylor.  I can't imagine this is over playing time, because as a true freshman in a loaded position group, there had to be a little recognition that maybe he would only see time on special teams.  

Maybe he is home sick or wasn't a fit academically, but either way it seems really early to pull the rip cord.   Some insiders say, this won't be the last guy in the portal either.   Maybe a couple more before the season begins.  Maybe the rule of not losings eligibility for this COVID year is causing guys to rethink their choices?

This loss won't really be felt this year or years to come as the coaches have plenty of opportunities to replace him in a deep position group. 

  • In what seems like a no-brainer it seems like we are going to see Dax at CB this year.

  • Michigan's first road game of the year against Minnesota just got tougher as WR Rashod Bateman the Gophers best player just got re-instated by the NCAA. 

  • Not a great start for the Miami Heat as they got blown out by the Lakers in game 1 of the finals.  Duncan didn't score in what looks like a miss-match for a NBA Final.  

  • Micah Parsons maybe the best defender in the Big Ten will not re-join Penn State. 

  • Don Brown says they prepare for OSU every day and he won't respond to Day, saying that they are going to put a 100 points on the Wolverines this season.   He can't say anything because he has failed at his job every time he has come against a high powered offense.  


Voice of Reason said...

Michigan football players and coaches should major and have their PhD's in ohio state football and what and how they think and do. They need to know what the buckeyes eat for breakfast each morning. Keep in mind that Bo Schembechler studied under Woody Hayes and coached with him. He knew how Woody thought and how he was going to act and react in everything even in recruiting. I believe that is why he was so successful against them.

Jim Harbaugh knows that Bo would dedicate parts of every practice session towards ohio state and we should be doing the same thing ourselves. We can't just dedicate the final week of the season to them. Even the osu quarterback last season said that they knew everything that we were doing and was able to counter it. Michigan is on their minds all of the time. That is why sometimes they are almost beaten by other teams because they cheat on their preparation for the other teams. In any case Michigan needs to do the same thing. We know that osu cheats in their preparation time but the authorities seems to look the other way. Somehow we must do better in our own preparation. IMHO!!!

MichiganMan said...

Ohio state is playing modern football.. Michigan is playing 1920 football run up the middle for two yard gain... Oh yeah Michigan have a 87-year-old defensive coordinator