Monday, November 23, 2020

Michigan Monday: Charles in Charge

In one feel good moment this weekend, Charles Matthews signed a free agent contract with the Cleveland Cavs.  I don't know if Coach B is still involved with that organization but something tells me he had a hand in that.   He will have less then a month to show he belongs on the roster or maybe a 2-way deal.  

In other good news, Jon Teske signed a free agent deal with the Orlando Magic.   Not having Summer League probably hurt both Matthews and Teske, so lets hope they ball out in the next 3-4 weeks.  

  • Michigan Basketball of course starts their season on Wednesday at 4:00 against BGSU.  The game is expected to be on ESPN 2.   I say expected as ESPN's schedule and info on hasn't matched up. 
  • Michigan's football game against PSU is now scheduled for a Noon kick on ABC.  With both teams records,  it should be on ESPNU. 

  • Did FSU just give everyone the playbook to not face a top 5 opponent?  Asking for a friend.  Also, why does it cost $300K to go from Clemson to FSU?  That seems high to me.  

  • State of the program stat: Michigan is a -2.5 favorite at home against an 0-5 team.  

  • Michigan Hockey went 2-0 this weekend against a strong Wisconsin team on the road to start Big Ten play.  


Rudy said...

We know Brown has failed as a DC, we've had too many games testify of that. But might he also share the blame in the offensive woes as well? Think about practice everyday and this offense practicing against this defense. No wonder Harbs thinks "we are almost there" and "just got to get practice success to show up in the games"; their putrid D makes this offense look like Bama's! Milton picked up apart Gray and Green....cuz they suck, not cuz he was good! They were so excited about the RB corps because our D line sucks and the LB group was grossly overrated. So Brown gets plenty of stink on him from both. Matt Campbell, bring your DC with you...we need him. Bring your whole staff, you can even bring your mascot...we'll figure out a role for him/her, couldn't be worse than our kicker.

Mike T said...

Was WR commit Worthy always visiting Alabama or is this somehting that just came up?

Unknown said...

On my channel guide for Xfinity, ESPN 2 has Michigan playing BGSU at 4:00pm on Wednesday 11-25-20.