Monday, November 2, 2020

MM Part 2: More Shoop Different Day

Michigan's secret about Bob Shoop leaked out and they had to release a statement prior to Jimmy's press conference.  The gist of it is, Bob is coaching from home and the rest is confidential.  He is working through Zoom.  

So this could mean a few things: 1 - he is not allowed in Schembechler Hall for some dust up with a coach or something?  2- He has COVID, 3- another health issue with him or his family.   2 or 3 seems more likely for a sport that is all about contact and I can't see some fight would keep a coach home unless is was very egregious.  Michigan clearly needs to pay him and he seems to want to get paid ($450K) with a virtual effort.  A virtual effort is pretty much what we saw last weekend.  

Secondary, Jimmy said in his pressor that Vincent Gray is their best corner and he will bounce back.   That Don Brown's defense can adjust and they are looking forward not back. 

What this means:

  • Vincent Gray played like Vincent Price on Halloween.  
  • Don Brown has never adjusted and never will.
  • Michigan has failed to recruit fast CB's and our best one opted out for the NFL after getting torched by Bama and OSU.  
  • They are screwed going on the road against another ranked team 

Wisconsin Kickoff 7:30 ABC 


Unknown said...

Don Brown HAS to have this team move to zone coverage with RARE adjustments to put a lot of pressure on the QB.

Michigan should consult Gary Moeller - he's the expert of the defense we need at this time. His 3-4 zone, bend don't break defense is best against the spread with its multiple reads.

Don Brown has to adjust or it's going to be a long year.

Chowman said...

As a UoM fan I've reached a point in my fandom that I reached 6 years ago with the Lions: Complete apathy! No longer will UoM games be something I plan my weekend around. If I have other things to do, I'll do them, and if there's nothing better to do, I'll tune in. I'm over UoM doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The constants are this: under Jim Harbaugh UoM will win most games they are expected to win. They will inexplicably lose games they have NO business losing. And finally, will NEVER win games that shouldn't win. There's no reason to be excited about this program, especially when 9 wins per year are pretty much guaranteed with the non-conference schedule and the number of bottom feeders in the B1G.

Unknown said...

Don brown Will not change or adjust because couch H is not applying pressure. He has been given freedom to do as he likes and Don brown is not going to change. Should have kept mattison......

szanreno said...

Michigan is a 3 1/2 point favorite at Indiana. Who'd of thought after losing to a 24 point underdog?!? Incidentally App State was a 24 point underdog.

Tim said...

I thought same thing Szanreno!