Friday, November 20, 2020

Preview: The Race To The Bottom

Time: 7:30 EST
Location:  SHI Stadium
Weather: 46 at kick 
Line: Michigan -10.5 (what?)

I never thought I would be in this conversation in my lifetime.  Is Michigan or Rutgers the worst team in the East Division of the Big Ten?  I think MSU is probably the worst team, but one team has beaten them and the other took an L.  Penn State is 0-4 but they are just sleep walking right now and have 8 games to turn it around.  Wait a second, that's wrong its 2020 and what's up is down.   

Seems the AP loves them some 4-0 Indiana and throws them in the top 10.  Out of those 4 wins, the teams have a combined total of 3 wins.   Vegas is not buying them and they're 3 TD's underdogs to the professional team in Columbus. 

Why Rutgers?

They're building and playing for something.   They have 1 win over Sparty, who the next week executed against Done Brown's defense like they were the Patriots.   They also have Michigan's best DT in Michael Dwumfour that somehow the geniuses in Schembechler Hall let out of the building.   He dominated against Sparty's offensive line, his former teammates did not.  Mike is still struggling with injuries but this seems like his best season so far.   

Rutgers is a lot like Sparty, a bunch of rag tag Bad News Bears transfers that left a program for playing time under Schiano's New Jersey program.  This was a perfect match between Greg Schiano and Rutgers.  A guy nobody wanted for a job that nobody wanted.  

He at least is giving this team some toughness and they are in games.  Yes, they haven't won since the trip to East Lansing but they did score 27 points against Ohio State.    The loss to Illinois was not a good one. 

Why Wolverines?

I don't know man, this team is in maize fog.  They don't know if they're coming or going.   Everything is a mess, they should be 4-0 right now but they are sitting at 1-3 and everyone is running to hit the eject button on the plane with the flaming engines.  

I'm trying to find a reason for Michigan to win this game.  Michigan has better players and better recruiting classes but the Michigan coaches haven't been able to turn top 10 classes into wins.   Wisconsin, MSU, IU are never in the top 10 recruiting rankings, Rutgers barley gets into the top 40.  

I keep going back to this:  Michigan's best players are not in the program: 

Best DT: @ Rutgers 
Best CB: @ Minnesota and @ training for NFL Draft 
Best WR: @ Training and @Browns 
Best QB?:  In Ann Arbor but not with the team
Best Long snapper: @ training for the NFL Draft

Yes, even Michigan's long snapper opted out.  Michigan's lifeline is its running game.  If they can run over an opponent like Minnesota they can find enough stops on defense to find a W. 

Illinois ran for: 338 yards 
OSU: 203 yards 
IU: 109 yards 
MSU: 50 yards

Seems Rutgers run defense is trending the wrong way.

Ok, Mr. Basketball now, are you going to predict this thing?

I love how these TV networks set up primetime games just to watch the Wolverines flame out.   Seeing Michigan and Harbaugh fail is must see TV for everyone but Michigan fans.    My expectation when Michigan hired Harbaugh was that he would beat everyone but OSU.  That someday he would but it would take a few years.  Sort of like how Auburn beats Alabama every 5 years or so.   Now Harbaugh is losing to everyone because he stuck with defensive coordinator that thinks every problem is a nail and every solution is a hammer.  Time to throw out the tool box!

Michigan will be too one dimensional to score enough points to win and the defense will continue to decline.   If Michigan doesn't win this game, there might not be another W on the schedule.   At least this will be over by Christmas and everyone can have a happy holidays.    

Rutgers 41 Michigan 31


szanreno said...

First off I hate night games. I'd rather sit on the patio in the afternoon watching football. This Rutgers game reminds me of a few years back sitting in a BWW and watching Gary Nova have the game of his life. Good post....

Rudy said...

Looking forward to this one. It's nutt check time. Not the first nutt check but another chance to show they actually still have a set. This is not WI or even IN, it's Jersey Shore so cmon, awaken the kraken and show us something! Might be too late for this coaching crew but here's your chance to show you haven't quit. Looking forward to it cuz I want to be reminded that the program has character and this team will fight.

Renegade said...

Kraken ... NHL Jan 1 with new Seattle team. Let's see what Yzerman can do for the Wings over the next couple years. He was very successful in Tampa Bay.

Tim said...

Think we will see anything new?

We heard so much about RPO's but have seen very little during games. Earlier in season I was hoping to see it click with our offense, but now I am past thinking they will have a break out game. Our offensive game plan is very vanilla and it's like we try to keep the ball away from our playmakers.

And on D...I am way past thinking something will magically happen and our D will be good. I never played major college football, but it blows my mind how our DB's continue to hold and get PI's called. At some point wouldn't you think they would stop holding and live with the results.

I agree with the prediction Bob. Until we show that we have a pulse I would not bet MI beats anyone.

EzmoB said...

I don't see us wining this one either. Milton is playing okay, but we have no run game. Another frustrating game....